Biden’s Covid ‘Czar’ Tells Americans “God Gave Us Two Arms” For The Covid & The Flu Shots

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Dr. Ashish Jha Biden's covid czar

President Biden’s covid czar told Americans this week that ‘God gave them two arms’ so that they could be injected with both the flu and the covid vaccines.

Dr. Ashish Jha made the comments during a Tuesday press briefing, while pushing covid boosters and flu shots as if they were the same type of vaccine.

“Get one in each arm if you want” he said.

InfoWars reports: The COVID shot contains experimental mRNA. Most people have many times greater protection from having had the virus and recovered, whereas the flu shot is a traditional vaccine backed by years of research and data.

To lump these two vaccines together in a 2 for 1 type campaign is at best disingenuous.

It isn’t the first time Jha has made the “God gave you two arms” comment, he also used it back in September, noting that he “really believes” that is why humans have two arms:

Elsewhere during Tuesday’s briefing, Jha told Americans they will need to get yet another Covid vaccine next year.

“We’re probably gonna need to update our vaccine again next year and have Americans get vaccinated again next year,” Jha asserted, calling the COVID vaccine a “once a year shot.”

The five jabs from the past year isn’t enough. Get more.

He also encouraged people to push vaccines on their families “around the Thanksgiving table,”:

“If folks get their updated vaccines, and they get treated, if they have a breakthrough infection, we can prevent essentially every COVID death in America,” Jah said.

Breakthrough infections are no longer a dangerous conspiracy theory, they’re now a good thing apparently.


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  2. “You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not leave anyone unpunished who does take His name in vain.” Ex. 20:7

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