Is The Government Covering Up Ebola Deaths? Video

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There have been reports of strange deaths across the United States lately, and they seem to be avoided on many mainstream news sources.

The media has been all but silent regarding Ebola in the US for weeks now, and many are beginning to ask questions.  In a new article from journalist Susan Duclos titled “Strange Deaths Across America! What Does The Govt Know That We Don’t Know?” [1], Duclos says:

With Americans now dying very strange deaths all across the country as shared in this new video from Alex Jones, we’ve got to ask, if someone dies of Ebola, and the MSM doesn’t report it, did it really happen afterall?

Alex breaks down the non-coverage of these strange deaths by the MSM in light of Obama’s order to the MSM NOT TO COVER Ebola anymore.

After giving background info, at the 2:30 mark Alex gets into everything that the MSM is covering up, including multiple people flying into America while bleeding out, Ebola disappearances and the strange deaths now occurring here, or not occurring here, since the ‘tree that’s falling in the forest’ isn’t making a sound because the MSM’s not reporting it.

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[1] Strange Deaths Across America! What Does The Govt Know That We Don’t Know?

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