Yamato Becmes First Japanese City To Ban People Using Phones While Walking

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Yamato phone ban

Using a smartphone while walking in public is about to be banned in the Japanese city of Yamato.

This makes Yamato the first place in Japan to bring out a rule stopping distracted users aka ‘smartphone zombies’ from causing danger to themselves and others.

RT reports: The new ban will come into effect next week, after a draft order was passed by the city’s assembly on Thursday. There will be no penalty for those who ignore it, but the city said it hopes people will recognize that “smartphones should be used when not in motion.”

If city dwellers want to use their phones while on the move, they should stop in a place that isn’t obstructing traffic, it is advised.

n January, a study was conducted at two locations in Yamato and found that about 12 percent of pedestrians were using their phones while walking. These people have been dubbed ‘smartphone zombies’ or ‘smombies’ due to the danger they can pose to themselves and others either by tripping up or walking into traffic or other pedestrians.

A man was arrested in Fujisawa last year after he hit a woman who was on her phone while walking on a subway platform, knocking her to the ground. The man said he did it to “teach people who walk while texting to watch out for others.” 

It appears the phone-obsessed urbanites aren’t only posing a problem in Japan, as many other places around the world have made similar efforts to deal with the issue.

Last year, the city of Ilsan in South Korea had to install laser beams and flickering lights at pedestrian road crossings to warn people to look up and be aware that they are about to cross a road. A number of German cities have installed ground-level traffic lights in the pavement to alert people to upcoming roads, and and the Chinese city of Wenzhou introduced a small fine for those who text while crossing roads.


  1. What the world needs now is for everyone to leave their phones home or at least in their car and not to carry them around at all except for emergencies only That will ruin the new world orders plans totally .Esp if everyone just leaves them switched off at home when they go out anywhere But they’re too stupid to even understand why

  2. Actually I enjoy watching people walk into things and getting hurt because they are looking down at their phone. Dumbasses.

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