Biden’s DOJ Is Creating a Database of Trump Supporters From the January 6th Protest

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Biden's DOJ creating database of Trump supporters related to Jan. 6 protest

Trump supporters who want free and fair elections are now being identified and monitored by Biden’s Department of Justice.

According to multiple reports, the DOJ is creating a giant database to monitor people who attended the Jan 6. protest in the Capitol:

The Department of Justice has committed to paying over $6 million to a multinational firm to create a database to host the reams of data prosecutors are gathering in cases against accused participants of the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, LLP was contracted in late May to help develop the database and the government has started transferring a large volume of materials, including tens of thousands of records from the U.S. Capitol Police, prosecutors said in a court filing this week.

“Following the Capitol Breach, the United States recognized that due to the nature and volume of materials being collected, the government would require the use of an outside contractor who could provide litigation technology support services to include highly technical and specialized data and document processing and review capabilities,” prosecutors wrote in the filing, which was submitted in a case against several accused Capitol rioters.

The government will work with Deloitte to process, review, and produce material related to the breach, using various tools to redact certain personal information. reports: We’ve reported on this before.  When the United States Postal Inspection Service prepared their warrant to arrest ‘We Build the Wall’ hero Brian Kolfage, they included in their warrant the list of donors and prospective donors who helped this effort.

The US government is creating a list using Big 4 firm Deloitte’s Financial Advisory Services.  Americans don’t need to wear yellow stars on their shirts, the government will keep track of the 75 million + Americans who voted for President Trump through their own database.

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