Biden Plans To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 52% – No Plans To Reduce Red Meat Intake

Fact checked
The Biden administration plans to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 52% by 2030.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that the Biden administration planned on asking Americans to reduce their red meat intake by 90%. This is not accurate. Biden’s climate plans do not include restrictions on red meat consumption, according to a White House statement to Politifact and a USDA statement to Lead Stories.

We have therefore updated the headline and removed the aggregated content from the Daily Mail from our story.

Yahoo Finance reports:

The goal, unveiled at the start of a two-day climate summit hosted by Democratic President Joe Biden, comes as the United States seeks to reclaim global leadership in the fight against global warming after former President Donald Trump withdrew the country from international efforts to cut emissions.

It also marks an important milestone in Biden’s broader plan to decarbonize the U.S. economy entirely by 2050 – an agenda he says can create millions of good-paying jobs but which many Republicans say they fear will damage the economy.

The emissions cuts are expected to come from power plants, automobiles, and other sectors across the economy, but the White House did not set individual targets for those industries.

“It’s an economy-wide goal. There are going to be multiple pathways to get there,” one official told reporters on a conference call describing the plan.

Sector-specific goals will be laid out later this year.

How the United States intends to reach its climate goals will be crucial to cementing U.S. credibility on global warming, amid international concerns that America’s commitment to a clean energy economy can shift drastically from one administration to the next.

Biden’s recently introduced $2 trillion infrastructure plan contains numerous measures that could deliver some of the emissions cuts needed this decade, including a clean energy standard to achieve net zero emissions in the power sector by 2035 and moves to electrify the vehicle fleet.

But the measures need to be passed by Congress before becoming reality.

Biden focused on restoring U.S. climate leadership during his campaign and in the first days of his presidency after Republican Trump, a climate change skeptic, removed the United States from the Paris agreement on global warming.

The new administration has come under heavy pressure from environmental groups, some corporate leaders, the UN secretary general and foreign governments to set a target to cut emissions by at least 50% this decade to encourage other countries to set their own ambitious emissions goals.

Biden will announce the number at the start of a climate summit on Thursday that will be attended by leaders from the world’s biggest emitters, including China.

World leaders aim to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, a threshold scientists say can prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

One of the administration officials said with the new U.S. target, enhanced commitments from Japan and Canada, and prior targets from the European Union and Britain, countries accounting for more than half the world’s economy were now committed to reductions to achieve the 1.5 degrees Celsius goal.

“When we close this summit on Friday, we will unmistakably communicate … the U.S. is back,” he said.


  1. Thwy shouldn’t eat any .If people saw the horrific conditions of beef farms especially those in the deserts where its unsuitable for anything else ,being so dry and awful they wouldnt eat any ,Or more to the point if they knew how rich they were making the lazy farmers who just shove hundreds if cows out into the dirt and then sell of the survivors they wouldnt ever give them one cent They trick people into thinking dairy cows are sold for burgers .The beef cattle stations are horrific especially in a drought or even just a few dry weeks

  2. So, if AOC says Carbon emissions are created by Cows “Farting” won’t there then be many more cows if we eat less? And …everyone must purchase a $55,000 vehicle, which must be electric, so won’t we be more dependent on electric companies then? Will there really be enough Solar and Wind power to produce more electricity or will we have to reach deep into our coal supply to make more? Ha, all things come full circle, don’t they, Mr. Biden?

    • Actually it’s TRUE and I was saying way back in the 80s that we need to stop farming cows and sheep There are millions of them and cias do fart huge amounts of gas They have 4 stomachs you see .And we do only need a piece of protein the size of our thumb nail per day and actually protein poisoning is extremely common but ” they ” wont talk about it because farming cows creates the illusion of housing land shortages so rhet can RIP everyone in earth off for a teeny little plot .Without those cows everyone would say ,shove ofc ,there movs of empty land everywhere Supply and demand.

      • Cows are chewing their cud all day long They done eat three meals a day you know Millipns of them chewing away with their 4 stomachs ,farting methane by the billions of litres per HOUR

        • And BTW those South Anericans are the biggest abusers on earth as the biggest eaters of beef on earth Those Catholics down there where the people are so desperately trying to escape to a better life up North .

  3. People, sit down and breath in the reality of the situation. The republic has been conquered. Their grip on the government is so powerful, they really don’t care who knows about it. Your votes will never amount to anything. Your rights have been turned into privileges on barrowed time. The constitution is dead along with your bill of rights. The government is no longer for the people, it is for the owners of the world’s central banks. This is who have conquered us. The Federal Reserve bank owners have bought control of the country.
    This is true, and you should be aware of this and let it sink in quickly. If the central banks decide there are too many people, guess what, they will get rid of them. and they do think there are too many people. They will probably start with the moral intellectuals first. They are always a problem.

  4. how long will it take you to drive from ny to la in an electric car? considering it takes hours to recharge you car. electric cars a stupid. they still use fossil fuel to get energized. how stupid can people get?

    • Christian Lords, you hit the proverbial nail squarely on its head; so, how long will it take to drive from NY to LA in an electric car? Considering it takes hours to recharge that car, electric cars are stupid; they still use fossil fuel to get energized. How stupid can people get? Well, they can be absolutely idiotic.

  5. I am getting pretty tired of politicians tell me what to do and what is good for me. It is time for war. If we don’t stop them, they will have us eating bugs

    • That’s Satans plan to destroy the earth Insects are what save the planet from greedy mens evil machinations. But eating meat ,in the quantities and with the regularity that most people on the west do is really the new smoking. People are stuffing themselves to death Kids who just eat their sausage or chop but dont want their veggies All that sort of behaviour going on every where every day with billions of meal times

  6. I am sure that the “elites” will be eating all the meat they want. These people are pure evil. It is not enough that they have everything they could want and in extreme excess, but they now feel the need to prevent others from having even the basics.

    • Believe it or nit they arent gluttony usually Most are slim ,except for some naturally fat or a few usually nouveau or really old money who either stuff themselves because they finally can or are so demoralised and degenerate from centuries of privilege that they just dont care how fat they get People have to kiss their ring anyway .And they usually dont believe in anything except now.Hedonistic gratification with oral anal fixations But mist eat very little esp the females .Pick at their food, send back plates full to kitchen after nibbling a bit .

      • Whenever I see your name anonymous I skip to reading the next comment. You are obviously unbalanced and a complete wacko. My guess is you are jewish.

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  8. People today are eating way too much protein which leads to bowel cancer Meat is a significant factor in causing the tidal wave of protein poisoning especially in children now who don’t drink alcohol .Its causing acidity inflammatory reactions and disorders diseases by the millions So they’re not wanting to give up the golden calf ,telling everyone to est more vegetables to neutralise the acidity So stuffing everyone as much as possible to make as much money put of them as possible. It’s time ALL of that crap stops and people start living as they’re meant to ,with a little bit of red meat occasionally .That is true .And all of these greedy lying thieving deceiving lawyers and their corporate bosses need to be locked up for crimes against humanity against Nature and against the living planet

  9. The new green fascists need to get out of my refrigerator and concentrate on mass transit, repairing the roads and improve stop light synchronization controlling the flow of traffic far better than it currently is.

  10. Cutting down meat by 90% won’t do anything for green house gas emissions but sure would cut the cancer rate. McCancer would need to come out with something to replace beef burgers with, maybe McWorm Burgers.

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