Bill Gates’ Virologist Says Vaccinated People Are Facing Season of ‘Severe Disease and Death’

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Individuals who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 have suppressed their natural immunity and are about to be hit by dangerous, mutating variants of the disease, according to Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who warns the “current pattern of repetitive infections and relatively mild disease” in vaccinated people will “soon aggravate and be replaced by severe disease and death.”

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, whose résumé includes roles as a former senior officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as a senior program manager for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), has been considered one of the most talented vaccine creators in the world.

In a May 18 interview with Australian journalist Maria Zeee, Vanden Bossche said, “that in the next two months, I expect an explosion [of this virulent variant] in one of these highly vaccinated countries. And then it will go very, very fast.”

LifeSiteNews reports: According to his theory, the resulting suppression of innate immunity in the many individuals who have been injected with these experimental products—which neither eradicate nor prevent transmission of the virus—will lead to “immune escape.”

This concept proposes that vaccinated people will continue to be infected with and shed the virus, which due to the “pressure” exerted by experimental COVID-19 vaccines, will accumulate large numbers of mutations, in turn creating variants which are far more virulent and can no longer be controlled by the vaccines.

Natural immunity of vaccinated weakened, hospitalizations will ‘go through the roof’

In addition, Vanden Bossche hypothesizes that the vaccinated themselves will be particularly vulnerable to these dangerous variants since the specific antibodies these millions of people have acquired to combat the original COVID-19 virus will compete with and weaken their natural immunity, while providing no protection against these new highly virulent and infectious variants.

He announced to Zeee that he has recently written a 45-page “scientific assessment of how the virus is evolving” to “not only be highly infectious, but highly virulent and even resistant to all kinds of vaccines.”

When asked if his paper was submitted to a publication for peer-review, Vanden Bossche told LifeSiteNews through email correspondence, “there is no time for peer review and that business will no longer be as usual. The world ought to hear my message now and not in 3-4 months from now.”

In the “Key message” section of the document, the Belgian veterinarian scientist emphasized his expectation that these new dangerous variants of SARS-CoV-2 (SC-2) “will now rapidly and independently emerge in highly vaccinated countries all over the world and that they will soon spread at high pace. I expect the current pattern of repetitive infections and relatively mild disease in vaccinees [those who have received the vaccines] to soon aggravate and be replaced by severe disease and death” (emphasis in original).

Global vaccine catastrophe

“There is only one parameter you need to look out for, and that is the number of hospitalizations that will, all of a sudden—in one of these highly vaccinated countries, especially in countries that vaccinated very aggressively—will go through the roof,” Vanden Bossche told Zeee. “When that happens, our health care system will crash, and then it’s chaos, of course.”

“You cannot play with an equilibrium that has been shaped over millions of years by evolution,” he said. “And now all of a sudden, we throw a bombshell on this [finely tuned immune system with] the mass vaccination [as if] humankind is going to reshape this whole thing. Now, the virus is going to backfire in a way that is going to be very, very serious and very substantial.”

Non-vaccinated have stronger protection, ‘magic word’ for the vaccinated is ‘antivirals’

In contrast to the dangerous situation of the vaccinated, Vanden Bossche wrote in his paper that the highly infectious yet mild Omicron variant enables those who have not received these gene-based vaccines “to train their innate immune defense against SC-2” providing a stronger ability to neutralize the virulence and infectious qualities of the expected new variants.

Due to their greater vulnerability, the researcher lamented “my heart goes out to all these people who have been highly vaccinated.” As a possible solution, he said, “the magic word for these people is antivirals. It’s the only thing they can do, antivirals and therefore, early treatment” with drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and others.

“For God’s sake, give them access to early treatment,” Vanden Bossche exclaimed. “We need, for the sake of public health to do this also at the population level. So instead of having these stupid mass vaccination campaigns, we would need to have a mass anti-viral chemoprophylaxis campaign in highly vaccinated countries to dramatically diminish the infection rate in the population, because that is what herd immunity naturally and normally does.”

As he summarized in his paper, “Unless we immediately implement large scale antiviral prophylaxis campaigns in highly vaccinated countries, there shall be no doubt that the pandemic will end by taking a huge toll on human lives.”

Former Pfizer VP Dr. Michael Yeadon: Vanden Bossche’s theory is ‘odd’

In a June 4 Epoch Times interview of both Vanden Bossche and Dr. Robert Malone, the former conceded that his theory “is to some extent based on hypothesis, of course, but I try to base this hypothesis on sound concepts that are known in science.”

In March of last year Vanden Bossche first announced his theory by issuing an open letter and video warning of a “global catastrophe without equal” due to the role out of these experimental COVID-19 vaccination programs.

At the time, his models came under criticism from many scientists and medical experts who themselves were also fully opposed to at least the broad use of the COVID-19 gene-based vaccines.

Rosemary Frei, a Canadian medical writer and journalist with a master’s degree in molecular biology, issued a strong critique asserting the Vanden Bossche thesis was based upon “unproven hypotheses” similar to, and building upon, “the overall Covid deception” that employs “high-profile modeling-papers,” such as that from the discredited Neil Ferguson whose work in early 2020 inflamed fears justifying disastrous lockdowns across the world.

In addition, former Pfizer vice president and chief science officer Dr. Michael Yeadon told LifeSiteNews he is “a bit sceptical” of Vanden Bossche’s approach. Contradicting the Belgian researcher’s initial paper around the same time last year, Yeadon co-authored an article explaining the evolutionary tendency of such viruses causes them “to become less deadly and more transmissible” over time.

Further, Yeadon said in email correspondence that while Vanden Bossche appears to be correct “that repeated ‘vaccination’ does mess up immune responses to reinfection,” he finds “his immunology downright odd. He majors all the time on blood-based antibodies. I’ve not met a virologist that thinks blood-based antibodies are particularly important to outcomes of airway infection[s] arriving from the air side.

“I also don’t accept that the low percentage changes between one variant and another is a plausible difference enough to fool our immune systems that they’re under attack from a virus we’ve not seen before,” the British national explained.

Finally, Yeadon pointed out a seeming lack of evidence highlighting that thus far, “there’s little question that the infected and recovered don’t get clinically ill even if exposed to a new variant.”

Regardless, the former pharmaceutical executive later commented that “Geert & I are on the same side,” and that he very much appreciates Vanden Bossche’s “battling for early treatments & exposing bad science on the part of Fauci & others.”

Dr. Robert Malone ‘intrigued’ by Vanden Bossche’s theories

Sitting alongside Vanden Bossche in the Epoch Times interview, Malone stopped short of affirming his theory of mutations becoming more virulent due to the vaccination campaign but appeared open to learning more.

“I think we [scientists] must have dynamic tension with each other and with ourselves to have integrity,” he said. Without such a tension, “we wouldn’t be scientists, we would be something else, maybe politicians.”

After explaining his own position, and the general scientific understanding of how and why a virus such as COVID-19 would normally become “more benign” and transmissible over time, he acknowledged Vanden Bossche’s theory that “vaccinating into an ongoing epidemic was a different thing and risked the creation not only of resistant mutants … [but also] more pathogenic variants.”

“And so, I was really intrigued to learn more about Geert and his theories,” Malone stated.

“My [present] relationship to his ideas are more those of a student wanting to learn rather than a dynamic conflict,” he concluded.

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