Blackrock CEO at Davos: ‘You Have To FORCE Change, At Blackrock We Are FORCING Behavior’

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Blackrock CEO Larry Fink let his mask slip at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, admitting that his company is engaged in “forcing behaviors” and “forcing change” on behalf of the elite’s globalist agenda.

“You have to FORCE behaviors,” declared Fink during a speech in which he sounded like a technocratic version of an old-school communist dictator. “At Blackrock we are FORCING behaviors.”

Blackrock essentially own every major corporation in the world and now determines capital investment through ESG (environmental social governance). Blackrock’s power to determine capital flows also applies to sovereign countries. Watch:

In essence, ESG means you have to meticulously tick all the “green,” “diversity” and “equity” boxes in order to receive a cent in financial capital backing from the globalist gatekeepers. It is a form of corporate communism and drives the dangerous techno-socialist agenda at the heart of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset and 2030 vision.

The whole Ponzi pyramid scheme is set up to ensure all major companies comply with the diktats of the global elite and participate in the climate change agenda which is making ordinary people across the world poorer year-on-year.

Sri Lanka had an ESG Score of 98% and the globalist elite promised that the country would be propelled towards riches.

What happened next? Sri Lanka spectacularly imploded last year, leaving the economy in ruins, demonstrating yet again that the globalist elite’s version of techno-communism simply does not work.

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