BLM Is One of the ‘Greatest Threats’ to Black Americans Says Catholic League President

Fact checked

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is “one of the greatest threats to the health and safety of black Americans today” according to Catholic League President Bill Donohue

Dr Donohue said that whereas BLM protesters insist that the police and law enforcement endanger black Americans, it is actually the Black Lives Matter group itself that poses the greater threat

Breitbart reports: On its website, Black Lives Matter calls for “a national defunding of police” and “prison abolition,” Donohue notes, but the elimination of the police force and the emptying of prisons would mean that “blacks would suffer the most.”

Black Lives Matter Chicago has been especially vocal about defunding both police and the prison system, yet Chicago “is where black lives matter the least,” Donohue adds, where “black-on-black shootings are routine, especially on weekends.”

More insidious still, Black Lives Matter is “doing everything it can to subvert the aspirations of black people” themselves, he contends, citing a recent Gallup survey that found that 81 percent of blacks “want the police to spend the same amount of time (61 percent) or more time (20 percent) in their area.”

Along with Black Lives Matter itself, the “legions of young affluent white men and women” who have been intellectually seduced by their “ideologically corrupt professors” are the greatest threat to the health and safety of black people, Donohue notes.

These useful idiots parrot the lies of Black Lives Matters, pushing for a situation that would disproportionately harm black families.

“If we get rid of the police and the prisons, Black Lives Matter officials will be unaffected, as will their white allies; they live in comfortable neighborhoods,” Donohue concludes. “It will be innocent black men, women and children who will pay the price for their insanity.”


      • Dont be so sure. They very carefully pick the Pope to look the part they want portrayed. They want him to look inoffensive and harmless ,a simple man of the people who cares .Sort of santa and grandmama .

    • Yes ,of course ,they have already built the biggest Cathedral in the world in Africa .They have great expectations ,and although Islam has been the fastest growing religion there you can bet Catholics fill the bureaucracies,the legal financial serviucesczthe education sector and own or control the media’s.

  1. BLM and Antifa are a threat to honest people everywhere, not just Blacks.

    BLM and Antifa are sponsored by Democrats and Neocons, meaning that Democrat-Neocons are a threat to all honest people everywhere.

    • They are a threat to Trumps presidency most of all .To the present and to the historical legacy They are a co ordinated attack by perverse persons in powerful places .The poor black people already live in hell ,but the middle class are protected by the police presence and the wealthiest depend on them most of all to guard their shops and mansions .Private security will wuickly evaporate when the wages dont justify the risks. All those Bishops Palaces and expensive private schools and hospitals .

      • Wrong.

        BLM and Antifa are a huge embarrassment for Democrats.

        Honest people will perceive that Democrats support BLM and Antfa scum, and they would be right!

  2. TheVatican has produced documentaries for schools and you tube to air as educational which are made to look as if old ,from back in the day,showing them as totally horrified by the Nazis .The Nazis were almostvall catholics and Hitler met with them a lot ,they were the thirst state in the world to congratulate him on winning the chancellor by,and they had a priest ghost write Mein Kampf for him Hitler failed his German exams in his final school heard.Also the Bible teaches ,and EVERYONEVwho hascreakd it knoiws that'”leagues and legions ” refer to Satan’s followers .The Roman legions,the French foreign legion and the original League of Nations ,are all examples .It was them who set up the infamous Vatican ratlines that smuggled the Nazis to their South America’s .to Brazil especially where current Jesuit PopecBergolglio ruled as Bishop before cascending to the papacy.

  3. They who hate Truth and Beauty, want to destroy them and replace them with everything dishonest and ugly.Everything un natural.They want to reverse everything ,turn men into women,women into men ,put man on Mars ,make summer winter and winter summer ,make good evil and evil good.” And in the end times the highestvshall be the lowest and the lowest,highest “The Bible tells us.” Always the same ,always the opposite ” with them .Its Satanic fundamentalism you see .

  4. Good people ,and there are a few ,i imagine ,can be so easily deceived by their naivety and good intentions.They can commit the most evil of crimes certain they are serving the greater good .You will find them disobeying the Ten Comandments all the time as part of their regular daily good deeds.

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