BLM Thugs Pour Gasoline over NYPD Van with Cops Inside – No Arrests Made

Fact checked
BLM activists pour gasoline on NYPD van with cops inside

Black Lives Matter activists attempted to murder a group of NYPD officers on Friday night by pouring gasoline over a van they were in.

The murder attempt occurred Friday at 10:39 p.m. at Valentine Avenue and East 180th Street in Fordham, not far from the 46th Precinct station house on Ryer Avenue, where the group of far-left thugs were throwing eggs and trash at the vehicle.

According to police, an African American man was spotted in CCTV footage holding a red gas can and pouring the flammable liquid all over the exterior of the NYPD van – whose driver quickly drove away to avert disaster.

WATCH: reports: It wasn’t immediately known how many cops were inside the van at the time.

No one was injured, and the vandal remains at large, cops said.

Last month, cops busted a 19-year-old serial arsonist who authorities said has been lighting blazes in the Big Apple since he was 10.

Jaden Shaw was charged with setting five separate blazes — including torching an unoccupied NYPD van — in Manhattan on Aug. 6.


  1. It’s a wry sad thing that the public simply can’t believe in black. And white ideas of good and evil There’s just too many shades of grey now. So it’s impossible to be sure whose who in the zoo in the world of crime and corruption.

  2. ” No Arrests Made ”

    After their Brave Collague was sentenced to 22.5 Years for arresting a Bestial Criminal I’m not surprised. . .

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