Blocking Brexit: Victory For Vested Interests & Enemies Of Democracy

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Blocking Brexit: Victory For Vested Interests & Enemies Of Democracy

The decision by three unelected judges to side with the sore losers who want to block Britain’s departure from the EU is a constitutional outrage and  a victory for vested interests and the enemies of democracy, according to Richard Littlejohn

He says that what we are witnessing now is an attempted coup designed to overthrow the will of the British people.

In an article for the Daily Mail, he writes:

The fix has been in since June 23, when 17.4 million voters handed the Government the biggest single mandate in history.

There was no ambiguity about the question on the ballot paper. Did we want Britain to remain in the EU or leave? No ifs, no buts.

By a clear majority of 52 per cent to 48 per cent, the vote was to Leave.

Fanatical Remainers were never going to accept the decision and are resorting to any means available — putrid propaganda, parliamentary obstructionism, and now judicial activism — to keep Britain locked into the EU.

First they smeared Leave voters as moronic racists, too stupid to understand the consequences of their decision, and demanded a second referendum.

Then they claimed that the result was only ‘advisory’ and not binding on Parliament.

They also started to pretend that there was a choice between a ‘hard’ Brexit, which would result in financial ruin, and a ‘soft’ Brexit — effectively not leaving the EU at all.

This so-called ‘soft’ option would commit us to accepting freedom of movement and remaining subject to the rulings of the European Court of Justice — the very things we voted against.

Simultaneously, MPs insisted they should have the final say on triggering Article 50, which gives formal notice of our intention to quit the EU within two years, and be allowed to dictate our negotiating stance.

They maintain that they are entitled to do so because what the referendum was really about was restoring the supremacy of Parliament.

And they’d have a point if MPs hadn’t voted 6-1 in favour of holding the referendum, the result of which Prime Minister David Cameron promised unequivocally to respect and implement.

Indeed, Call Me Dave said during the campaign that if the popular vote was to Leave, he would invoke Article 50 the very next day.

That pledge went out of the window when Cameron resigned in a fit of pique — an ignominious departure for a man who claimed during the campaign that: ‘Brits don’t quit.’

Even though he was quickly replaced by Theresa May, who vowed to honour the result, the Remainers realised that all bets were off and the game was now afoot.

As soon as she made it plain that she wouldn’t be rushed into invoking Article 50, the anti-democratic forces sensed their opportunity.

Although Mrs May said it would be triggered by the end of March, the Remainers’ endgame is to delay the process indefinitely so that the 2020 General Election becomes the second referendum they have so far been denied.

The federast Lib Dems have already said they intend to make the forthcoming Richmond by-election about Brexit, even though it is only happening because Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith carried out his threat to resign over the decision to build a third runway at Heathrow.

So what is supposed to be a vote on airport expansion will become dominated by a rerun of Project Fear.

The campaign to scare us into staying in the EU has, if anything, been ramped up since the Leave vote.

The harbingers of doom have been bleating even more loudly since they lost — and given a megaphone by the BBC, which has reverted to pro-EU type after its admirably even-handed coverage of the referendum campaign.

Sour-faced, rent-a-gob Remainers such as the Tory MPs Anna Soubry and Nicky Morgan have taken up permanent residence in the television and radio studios — seemingly wheeled out every hour, on the hour, on all channels — wailing their siren warnings about Britain heading for the rocks.

‘Brexit’ has been blamed for everything from falling house prices to Marmite disappearing temporarily from the shelves at Tesco.

Cynical corporations, such as Apple computers, are using the vote to profiteer at the expense of UK consumers.

‘Brexit’ has become a catch-all excuse, the 21st-century equivalent of: ‘Don’t you know there’s a war on?’

The most ludicrous exploitation so far came from the managers at a gym at the Holiday Inn in Portsmouth, who announced they would no longer be handing out free towels to clients.

They blamed Brexit for an increase in laundry bills.

A notice pinned up in reception read: ‘The reason the company has decided to do this is because since the UK voted to leave the EU the pound has dropped significantly.’

This would suggest that the gym is shipping its towels to Germany or Italy to be laundered.

Er, no. They’re farmed out to a company in Reading, which the last time anyone looked was still in Berkshire.

So the post-Brexit dip in sterling has no bearing whatsoever on the cost.

How stupid do they think people are? Then again, when did the truth have anything to do with Project Fear?

Yet while the Remoaners continue their alarmist prophesies of impending economic collapse and millions of lost jobs, the exact opposite has happened.

All the signs are that Britain is enjoying a post-Brexit bounce, led by exporters benefiting from the fall in the previously over-valued pound to a more realistic, more competitive level.

Even good news is greeted with carping. There’s no consistency to their arguments, though.

The same people who a couple of months ago were demanding that the Government bail out the ailing steel industry are now howling in fury at assurances given by ministers to Nissan and other car makers that they will not suffer after Britain leaves the EU, even though these guarantees have secured jobs and new investment.

If all we had to endure was the manoeuvring of MPs and the griping of the rest of the defeated Remain campaign, it would be just about tolerable.

But as became painfully apparent yesterday, there are more sinister forces at work.

The legal action which resulted in the High Court ruling was brought by a wealthy City investment manager, Gina Miller, and a hairdresser, Deir Dos Santos, about whom little is known and who is described as a British citizen of Brazilian origin.

Mrs Miller, married to a multi-millionaire hedge fund manager, is fronting for an outfit calling itself People’s Challenge — set up by an expat, Grahame Pigney, who lives in Carcassonne, France, and a Gilbraltarian government employee.

The action is also supported by something called Fair Deal for Expats, whose leading lights include a British company director who lives in Limoges, France; a businessman who runs a holiday rentals business in Italy; and an English language teacher in Hamburg, Germany.

They claim not to be trying to overturn the result, simply to ensure that Parliament controls the process.

We have entered a Looking Glass world in which — to paraphrase Humpty Dumpty — referendum results mean exactly what lawyers and judges decide they mean.

Outside the court, David Greene, lawyer for Deir Dos Santos, delivered the following statement, which defies satire: ‘We are the democrats here, not the Government.’

Who voted for him?

No one could have dreamed that Britain’s decision to leave the European Union — which 17.4 million people thought they had made at the ballot box — could be derailed by a rich financier and a mysterious Brazilian hairdresser, bankrolled by hedge fund fat cats and disgruntled expats?

You couldn’t make it up.

In order to justify their ruling, the judges had to dig up precedents dating back to 1610 and 1689.

It was redolent of the Crown Prosecution Service resorting to an ancient statute about ‘conspiracy to cause misconduct in public office’ to prosecute innocent journalists for paying informants and whistleblowers.

Yet again, it proves that the smug, self-selecting, so-called ‘elite’ will stoop to anything to get their own way and crush all opposition.

The Government says it will appeal to the Supreme Court. But, don’t forget, the Supreme Court is subordinate to Europe and was set up by Labour to replace traditional Law Lords sitting at Westminster.

So don’t bank on it overturning yesterday’s ruling.

Anyway, surely if MPs thought they were entitled to a vote on Article 50, they should have gone about it themselves, in Parliament — not left it to a wealthy City slicker and Brazil’s answer to Teasy-Weasy to do their dirty work for them.

More to the point, for the past four decades, MPs have been content to surrender ever more power to unelected bureaucrats and judges in Brussels.

So why now should they object to letting the British people make a democratic decision for once?

And here’s a final thought. Just imagine if the referendum had gone the other way and the Leave campaign had tried to stage a judicial coup to overturn the will of the people.

There’d be riots in the streets.




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