Resistance To Immigration Is A ‘Primal’ Reaction Says Pope Francis

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis has once again called for a more welcoming attitude toward migrants, insisting that everyone has the right to “dream of a better future.”

He has also, again, decried the resurgence of populism and nationalism on the world stage and called for greater multilateralism.

In his third encyclical, Francis also urged “open societies that integrate everyone” a line that would just as easily fit in a brochure for a George Soros-backed activist group

Breitbart reports: “Certain populist political regimes, as well as certain liberal economic approaches, maintain that an influx of migrants is to be prevented at all cost,” the pope laments in a new encyclical letter titled Fratelli Tutti (Brothers All), meaning that “great numbers of lives are at stake.”

“I realize that some people are hesitant and fearful with regard to migrants,” the pontiff declares. “I consider this part of our natural instinct of self-defence.”

“I ask everyone to move beyond those primal reactions because there is a problem when doubts and fears condition our way of thinking and acting to the point of making us intolerant, closed and perhaps even – without realizing it – racist,” he warns. “In this way, fear deprives us of the desire and the ability to encounter the other.”

In some host countries, “migration causes fear and alarm, often fomented and exploited for political purposes,” he states. “This can lead to a xenophobic mentality, as people close in on themselves, and it needs to be addressed decisively.”

“Many migrants have fled from war, persecution and natural catastrophes,” he notes. “Others, rightly, are seeking opportunities for themselves and their families. They dream of a better future and they want to create the conditions for achieving it.”

“Unscrupulous traffickers, frequently linked to drug cartels or arms cartels, exploit the weakness of migrants, who too often experience violence, trafficking, psychological and physical abuse and untold sufferings on their journey,” he adds.

“Migrations, more than ever before, will play a pivotal role in the future of our world,” he declares.

The pope also insists on the right of people to travel to places where they can find “personal fulfilment” as well as the need to grant full citizenship to long-term residents.

We are obliged “to respect the right of all individuals to find a place that meets their basic needs and those of their families, and where they can find personal fulfilment,” he writes.

“For those who are not recent arrivals and already participate in the fabric of society, it is important to apply the concept of ‘citizenship,’ which is based on the equality of rights and duties, under which all enjoy justice,” he declares. “It is therefore crucial to establish in our societies the concept of full citizenship and to reject the discriminatory use of the term minorities, which engenders feelings of isolation and inferiority.”


  1. If you want to be a moral leader, don’t be a hypocrite.

    Accept unlimited immigration inside your own borders before you advise others what to do.

    Immigration changes the politics of democratic countries, and third world immigration will change a first world nation into a third world nation or else into a totalitarian banana republic run by diversity supremacist psychopaths – the goal of Democrats and Neocons.

    If you want to give to charity, use your own GD money, not confiscated tax money that is used primarily to buy votes, promote crony capitalism, and enrich corrupt politicians.

    • They want to restore Egypt. Its why the freemasons have their pyramids with the capstone still needing to be put in place when they have achieved global Autocracy . Because Egypt was Pagan

      • That’s why they hate Jews still, because Moses led them out of Egypt . Because Moses and the Jews believe in God ,not hybrid half dog half human s like the Egyptians Thats why . Its always been paganism ,aka Satanism with human sacrifice and everything that goes with murdering children and teenagers as religion versus those that belief in God and especially after God told whats his name to not sacrifice his child After that the war was realky on betweeb tbe two firces and rhe evil ALWAYS INFILTRATES and CORRUPTS from within ,wears disguises ,” Always the same ,always the opposite “. And I can tell you they are everywhere Everywhere controlling now almost everything and everyone using deceit as their device Pure evil has no conscience . Is psychopathic .

    • The Popes bedroom is called his cell.In it are a bed , a little wooden table and chair. Prisoners were given a sentence of, for the term if his natural life.

      • Every Catholic Pope retired after his daily routine ,his duties ,to his cell .This first ever Jesuit Pipe in history moved to very comfortable quarters instead ,saying publicly that the usual abode was far to grand ,and that he preferred a more simple accommodation Something more humble. I dont know if his bedroom is still a cell

        • Actually yes U do know and have seen his bedroom , a few years ago ,I forgot , and its very nice now Hardly what mist ordinary folk would consider anything less than rather plush actually

  2. Thats why Vatican city is so multicultural ,no doubt ,or why the south Americas are full of caucasians ,english etcetera .

    • He’s a key player The Vatican is a KEY .Its symbols the keys of St Peter Its design from above a key hole Rome conqered Egypt and destroyed the Greek Alexander Library to erase the truth if history Cleopatra ,the 7 th actually was Alexander’s descendant ,great granddaughter or something like that Was a Greek .Egypt was really Greek territory ruled by Alexanders family line .Caesar got her pregnant with “romes” child.Both were destroyed abd rhe child lost in history as a non entity .Thats how RHEY work behind the scenes ,from in the shadows ,or in your face disguised behind a mask of treacherous lies

  3. We all don’t enjoy justice equally at all We do know who does enjoy it though and we know what price is paid for the privilege and what conditions are exacted for their entitlement.

  4. In time of fake news, there are also fake popes. This one shares the same values as G.S. He is, therefore, the enemy of mankind and the enemy of God. A place is reserved for him in the seventh circle.

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