Bodyboarder Thinks He Is About To Become Shark Chow

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Video uploaded to YouTube shows the terrifying moment an Australian bodyboarder thinks he is about to be attacked by a shark when he sees a dorsal fin appear out of the water.

42-year-old Craig Bateman was bodyboarding off Ballina, New South Wales, believed to be “the shark capital of Australia.”

The Daily Mail reports:

Shot with a Go-Pro camera from a point-of-view angle, he films the clear blue waters and then screams in shock as he sees the dorsal fin come dangerously close to him and then swim off.

He laughs and thanks a friend for his help after he realises his mistake.

‘Darn you dolphin! Make me squeal like a girl,’ the 42-year-old said. ‘My life flashed before my eyes.’

In the video the regular surfer posts, ‘The moment when you think your life is done.’

Craig who said that he ‘braced himself for the worst’ said that he had never been that close to a shark before and that his first instinct was to ‘yell’.
Online viewers have commented on the amusing incident. A viewer called ‘NinjaDylan – Surfing and More!’ posted: ‘happened to me before its really scary when they come that close’.

Another viewer ‘pj3bo’ commented: ‘Your scream was classic.’

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