Brennan Created Secret ‘Invitation-Only’ Task Force to DESTROY Trump: CIA Analyst

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Former CIA analyst claims John Brennan created secret invitation-only task force to destroy Donald Trump

Former CIA boss John Brennan created a secret task-force to combat the election of President Trump, a former CIA analyst claims.

Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency.

According to an article written by Johnson, the “invitation-only” task force was formed in early 2016. reports: Johnson says that the average American has no idea the depths that John Brennan went to try and stop the election of Donald Trump. It was because of this desperation to get Hillary into the White House, that Brennan created the task force with the mission of spying on and carrying out covert actions against the campaign of then-candidate Donald Trump.

He goes on to say that this task force was not just a simple gathering of anti-Trump intel officials. It was a “covert action” designed to destroy Trump.

What’s interesting about Johnson’s piece, is that I just reported on another piece today, that discussed the coordination between the FBI and CIA to take down Trump. The piece I worked on earlier, suggested that former FBI official Peter Strozk was the “middle man” between the CIA and FBI.

I am told by an knowledgeable source that Brennan created a Trump Task Force in early 2016. It was an invitation only Task Force. Specific case officers (i.e., men and women who recruit and handle spies overseas), analysts and admin personnel were recruited. Not everyone invited accepted the offer. But many did.

This was not a CIA only operation. Personnel from the FBI also were assigned to the Task Force. We have some clues that Christopher Steele’s FBi handler, Michael Gaeta, may have been detailed to the Trump Task Force (see here).

So what kind of things would this Task Force do? The case officers would work with foreign intelligence services such as MI-6, the Italians, the Ukrainians and the Australians on identifying intelligence collection priorities. Task Force members could task NSA to do targeted collection. They also would have the ability to engage in covert action, such as targeting George Papadopoulos. Joseph Mifsud may be able to shed light on the CIA officers who met with him, briefed on operational objectives regarding Papadopoulos and helped arrange monitored meetings. I think it is highly likely that the honey pot that met with George Papadopoulos, a woman named Azra Turk, was part of the CIA Trump Task Force.

The Task Force also could carry out other covert actions, such as information operations. A nice sounding euphemism for propaganda, and computer network operations. There has been some informed speculation that Guccifer 2.0 was a creation of this Task Force. []

Johnson goes on to discuss the recent “unmasking” of Adam Schiff’s secret “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella, and how he could have played a vital role in this “task force.”

He goes on to explain that yes, while what Brennan allegedly did was illegal, the CIA has carried out other illegal acts in the name of supposedly “protecting American interests.”ADVERTISEMENT

Basically, this “spying” task-force is not something that would be “wildly” off the wall for the CIA to do.

In light of what we have learned about the alleged CIA whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, there should be a serious investigation to determine if he was a part of this Task Force or, at minimum, reporting to them.

When I described this to one friend, a retired CIA Chief of Station, his first response was, “My God, that’s illegal.” We then reminisced about another illegal operation carried out under the auspices of the CIA Central American Task Force back in the 1980s. That became known to Americans as the Iran Contra scandal.

I sure hope that John Durham and his team are looking at this angle. If true it marks a new and damning indictment of the corruption of the CIA. Rather than spying on genuine foreign threats, this Task Force played a critical role in creating and feeding the meme that Donald Trump was a tool of the Russians and a puppet of Putin. []

One thing we do know for sure is that our intel communities have far too much power. There are no “checks and balances” on them, and they’ve been allowed to run amuck and unchecked for decades.  Absolute power like that corrupts, and this Deep State group is rotten to the core.

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