Monster Crocodile Removed From Popular Tourist Beach

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An old, 4.7 metre, one-eyed saltwater crocodile was pulled from The Strand, a popular tourist spot in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia.

It took a two-hour struggle and eight men to remove the huge cold blooded creature from the popular tourist spot.

The Daily Mail reports:

The one-eyed, three-toothed, 50-year-old monster was caught in Townsville at 8.30 on Wednesday night after it forced the closure of nearby beaches earlier in the day.

Ranger, Michael Joyce, described the croc as ‘a bit of a bruiser’ and said he is not aware of another salty being captured on the Strand in recent history.

It took eight men to successfully capture the animal, to get him in his cage and to lift the massive reptile on to the back of a truck. crocodile

Police were called in to help the rangers with their massive taske. Senior Sergeant Graeme Paine from Townsville Police said there was no crocodile-specific training at the academy.

‘You can expect the unexpected in Townsville.’

The crocodile was caught using a special hook according to Mr Joyce, the ranger.

‘We used a specialised crocodile hook we place just under the skin of the crocodile then we play it like a fish.’

A rope which was connected to the tow-bar of a ute was tied to the crocodiles jaw, the ute was then used to tow the creature out of the water and into a holding box.

Mr Joyce, who presumes the salty is a male because of its size, has said it is unusual for a 50-year-old croc to have all of his limbs, as they spend their lives fighting for territory.

‘He’s very much a macho dude who’s probably just getting a bit long in the tooth.’

It took more than two hours to safely capture the crocodile. crocodile

He will now be taken to a small pond before being transferred to a farm or zoo.

Locals were shocked to see the crocodile operation and soon formed as s crowd of interested spectators, according to the Townsville Bulletin.

‘I have seen crocodiles in the wild before but not like this, it’s a bit sad to see it go,’ one onlooker said.

‘I have seen a croc at Pallarenda before but never like this on The Strand,’ he said. ‘It just goes to show that we should keep out of the water and they won’t bother you.’

It is not likely that this crocodile is the same beast nicknamed ‘Wally’ who has been stalking the tourist areas in Townsville for more than a year.

In North Queensland crocodiles of over two metres in length are removed from public places as a safety precaution. crocodile


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