Syria Accuses Turkey Of Stealing Oil And Artifacts Via Rebels

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Turkey has been stealing Syrian and Iraqi oil and artifacts via rebels criss-crossing her porous border, in exchange for the flow of weapons and terrorists into Syria.

Xinhuanet reports:

The Syrian army said on Saturday it had information that Turkey increased its support to the militant groups in Syria in exchange for stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil and artifacts, according to the state news agency SANA.

The military statement further charged that rebel convoys move freely through the Turkish borders, adding that what Turkey pretends to be humanitarian aid is nothing but weapon shipments.

“The Turkish authorities have insisted on creating a state of loose borders on the Syrian-Turkish borders, which facilitated the flow of terrorists from Syria to Europe,” the statement said.

It added the the Turkish forces struck positions of the Syrian army on Friday.

The barrage of accusations came as the Syrian army backed by the Russian airstrikes are on a crushing offensive on Turkey-backed rebels on Syrian-Turkish borders, including convoys the rebels were moving from Turkey into rebel-held areas in northern Syria.

Stolen Syrian artifacts
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