Britain Prepares Public For Military Involvement In Syria

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Is Britain preparing the UK public for war in Syria?

Following remarks by the UK’s chief defence staff that Britain should launch anti-ISIS air strikes in Syria, analysts believe that the government are preparing the British public for war. 

The public are unlikely to support a Syrian invasion however. Therefore much like the war in Iraq there would have to be a false flag type of event before the British government could have what it sees as a legitimate excuse to launch an air strike.

UK journalist Anna O’Leary suggests that the recent downing of the Russian plane in the Sinai may be the perfect “false flag” excuse for Britain to enter yet another illegal war. reports:

“It looks like the same thing is about to being geared up again,” O’Leary told Press TV adding that the false flag that Britain and others are this time trying to use the recent downing of a Russian plane in Egypt.

She further emphasized that the construction of a major military base in Bahrain by Britain is part of the same scenario.

“Britain is not just there for the sake of the sunshine. They are there to use their destroyers and to use their aircraft carriers,” O’Leary added, stressing that a real conflict could be soon in the offing.

She told Press TV’s UK Desk that the shooting of the Russian plane seems to have given Britain and others an excuse to expand into the theater of war.

“Already in the British Parliament, they are talking about not letting their allies down,” said O’Leary. “In other words, they are preparing the ground to say that they want to go in and get involved in Syria,” she added.

Political commentator Reza Nadim believes that General  Houghton’s remarks show that Britain wants to regain the grip it had over the Middle East.

“It’s all to do with power and control in the region,” Nadim told Press TV. “Britain has been feeling that it is losing its grip over the region and that’s why it has to get involved in air strikes in Syria,” he added.

Nadim said history shows that Britain has always been after its own goals in the Middle East. “Whenever Britain gets involved in the Middle East it is for its own purposes, its own interests not people,” he said.

“The thing is that the goal is not to have an amicable solution. The goal is power,” Nadim told Press TV’s UK Desk in an exclusive interview.

“Therefore, it is for power that they have to get involved. And that’s why we are going to see a lot of bloodshed and a lot of instability for the years to come,” he warned.

Navid Nasr, a political commentator from Zagreb, told Press TV that he believes Britain’s desire to get involved in the Syrian conflict is meant to counteract the Russians.

“They don’t want to stabilize the situation. They certainly don’t want the [Syrian] government to remain in place. They would rather burn it down to the ground,” he said.

Nasr has also told Press TV that the British military involvement in Syria will only add to the tragic situation in the country.

He further warned that the British politicians will soon find themselves faced with criticisms from the people for adopting what he described as a deliberate campaign of destabilization that has been waged against Syria.

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