Bush Calls For Boots On The Ground in Iraq And Syria

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Bush Calls For Boots On The Ground in Iraq And Syria

Former US president, George W Bush has said that a breakthrough in the fight against the Islamic State militant group seizing Syria and Iraq is impossible without a ground operation.

In an interview published Friday, Bush suggested that the United States will have to deploy combat troops to Iraq to defeat the ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

This comes shortly following the announcement that President Obama had ordered the deployment of 450 U.S. troops to Iraq – in order to bolster the fight against the Islamic State – along with the opening of a new military base.

Sputnik news report:

History will show that al-Qaeda in Iraq was defeated, after he had decided to send more troops to the Middle East country instead of withdrawing them during the US invasion in 2003, Bush said in an interview with Israel Hayom newspaper Friday.

“…I chose the path of boots on the ground [during US military operation in Iraq in 2003-2011]. We will see whether or not our government adjusts to the realities on the ground.”

The Islamic State was founded in 2006 when several Islamist groups joined together. The group has gained strength after the start of civil war in Syria in 2011.

In June 2014, ISIL declared an Islamic caliphate on the territories of Syria and Iraq that it had seized.

The US-led coalition to fight the Islamic State was formed in August 2014 and comprises 62 countries. The coalition helps to fight the Islamic State by air attacks and military training, no ground operation against the militants has not been planned yet.

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