California DA Spares 7 Immigrants Who Molested Young Girls From Prison

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California DA releases 7 immigrant pedophiles

Seven immigrants accused of molesting underage girls have been spared prison by the liberal Placer County District Attorney’s Office in California. 

According to the DA’s office, the men were released from the Placer County Jail Wednesday and ordered to reappear in court next month. reports: “The People do not have sufficient evidence and reports, as well as recorded statements, in our possession to determine what evidence exists against each individual,” Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Ow said while explaining the office’s request for further investigation.

Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Wilson said in an email that the case is under review and additional information is needed prior to making a decision on charges.

“We have requested that information and my understanding is that Detectives from Roseville Police Department are currently working on obtaining additional information including witness statements and video footage of the case,” Wilson wrote. “We are only going to make a decision as to what, if any, charges are appropriate once we have all the information.”

Sunsplash officials received reports of several men touching girls on Monday, police said. After children and family reported the inappropriate behavior, Golfland Sunsplash security separated the alleged victims and kept the suspects together in a group before police arrived.

“I know that location has videotape,” said defense attorney Michael Chastaine, who represented one of the men in court. “My guess is, and this is just a guess, that they want to review all of that. And that may not have occurred yet to determine who to file against, what charges to file — those sorts of things.”

Police spokesman Rob Baquera said Wednesday it’s not clear when or how the men planned the crimes they’re accused of committing or whether the acts were random.

All seven men are ordered back to court for an arraignment on June 27. Five of the suspects will need a Punjabi interpreter, according to court proceedings.

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