Bestiality To Be Made Illegal In Nevada

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Bestiality is about to become a crime in Nevada after new legislative measures come into effect on Sunday.

Violation of the new bestiality law can result in people having their pets taken away from them, being banned from working with animals and having to to undergo a mental health evaluation.

RT reports:

Sex with an animal is not a crime on a federal level in the US meaning states have to create their own laws banning it. Nevada had been one of only a handful of states without a law against the practice.

The bill passed unanimously in the state’s Assembly earlier this year. After the vote, lawmakers put a box of animal crackers on the desk of the sponsor, Assemblyman Richard Carrillo.

The Las Vegas Review Journal report that more than 100 new laws come into effect in the Silver State Sunday, including one making baby-changing tables a requirement in men’s restrooms and regulating edible marijuana products.

Other pieces of legislation adds prison time for felonies committed against police officers and other emergency responders. The laws were passed by the 2017 Legislature.

Michigan and Ohio also passed laws outlawing bestiality in recent years.

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