California passes law to let 12-Year-Olds Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

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California passes law to let 12 year olds get vaccinated without parents knowledge or consent

California has passed a bill that will allow children as young as 12-years-old to be secretly vaccinated without parental consent.

The bill, SB 866, would allow kids to get any vaccine without their parents knowledge, including the COVID-19 jabs.

Proposed by Democrat State Senator Scott Wiener, the bill passed with a 21-7 vote. reports: The state already allows minors to get vaccinated without parental consent if it is for a sexually transmitted disease.

“Teens should be able to protect themselves from deadly viruses, with or without parental approval,” said Wiener in a statement. “So many teens aren’t getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and other deadly viruses because their parents are victims of anti-vaccine misinformation, are neglecting their kids, or simply don’t have time to get their kids vaccinated. We shouldn’t allow misinformation – or parental neglect – to prevent teens from getting the vaccines they need to stay healthy and participate in their communities.”

Alabama, South Carolina, Oregon, and Rhode Island already allow teenagers to get vaccinated without their parents.

“Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. allow children age 11 and up to consent to their own COVID-19 vaccines, and in San Francisco, the age is 12 and older,” the CBS report states.

According to the California Globe, “Senator Melissa Melendez gave a passionate floor speech Thursday during Senate debate, centered on the government encroachment into parental rights.”

Melendez also posted a lengthy thread, making brilliant points that should have been obvious.

“More importantly, any vaccine can have side effects, sometimes life threatening. That’s why parents are required to furnish information on the child’s medical history, prior allergic reactions, and the child’s overall well- being,” she wrote. “How can a parent know to watch for side effects if they have no idea their child received a vaccine?”

“Do we believe all 12 year olds will know what they’re allergic to and communicate that to the person administering the vaccine? Do we believe they will be aware of any past reactions to vaccinations received as a toddler?” Melendez continued.

Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley has vowed that they will stop the bill from becoming law.

“The bill removing parental consent for 12-year-olds to get vaccinated just passed the Senate by a single vote. We will stop this obscene legislation in the Assembly,” he tweeted.


  1. Cakifornication The state that en ab led the creation of the Church of Satan. That NO ONE has ever tried to repeal. No one No Pope. No SCOTUS. No Un.

  2. Look like whoever gives the shot will be responsible for any medical treatment needed if the child have a reaction.

  3. “How can a parent know to watch for side effects if they have no idea their child received a vaccine?” -Melendez. How? you’ll know when your kid has a heart attack. Next California will say adults can legally have sex with ‘consenting’ children. That will save a lot of liberals (and preachers) from jail-time.

  4. The covid vaccines are still in experimental status, meaning that they are not proven safe. This law is putting a blind eye to this FACT!
    So Children can volunteer themselves as lab rats in California.

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