NYC Mayor Declares ‘Emergency’ Over Migrants, 12 Months After Campaigning For More Migrants

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) declared a state of emergency Friday over the ongoing flood of migrants into the Big Apple — complaining that the city’s infrastructure is unable to sustain them and taxpayers will be on the hook for $1 billion for housing and social services.

“This is unsustainable,” Adams said. “New York City is doing all we can but we are reaching the outer limit of our ability to help.”

Which is interesting because just over a year ago, while campaigning, Adams proclaimed he wanted to turn NYC into “even more of a sanctuary” for illegal immigrants.

Democrat policies in action

Instead of admitting the error of his ways and perhaps reassessing his far-left political outlook, Adams took shots at Republican governors for relocating migrants from the southern border region to Democratic enclaves in the northern US.

“This is a humanitarian crisis that started with violence and instability in South America, and it’s being accelerated by American political dynamics,” he said.

“This crisis is not of our own making but one that will affect everyone in this city now and in the months ahead.”

NY Post report: Hizzoner also again refused to fault President Biden for his controversial border policies but finally called on the mayor of El Paso, fellow Democrat Oscar Leeser, to stop sending busloads of migrants to the Big Apple.

“New York cannot accommodate the number of buses that we have coming here to our city. El Paso, the city manager, the mayor, they should stop sending buses to New York,” Adams said.
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