California Declares State ‘Safe Space’ For Terrorists

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California state becomes safe space for terrorists

Authorities in California are planning to turn the entire state into a giant ‘safe space’ zone for potential terrorists by completely opening up their borders to all immigrants. 

New emergency legislation being pushed through The Senate Public Safety Committee will prohibit all law enforcement officers from cooperating with border agents, ignoring federal laws put in place by President Trump.

If the legislation passes, it could make California Governor Jerry Brown guilty of conspiracy to violate federal immigration laws.

The law states that if authorities are found guilty of aiding and abetting illegal immigrants then all of the States assets can be confiscated by the federal government to be sold at auction.

(b) Seizure and forfeiture
(1) In general

Any conveyance, including any vessel, vehicle, or aircraft, that has been or is being used in the commission of a violation of subsection (a), the gross proceeds of such violation, and any property traceable to such conveyance or proceeds, shall be seized and subject to forfeiture.

CBS reports:

While many of California’s largest cities — including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento — have so-called sanctuary policies that prohibit police from cooperating with immigration authorities, much of the state does not.

The Democratic legislation, written by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles, comes up for debate less than a week after Trump signed an order threatening to withdraw some federal grants from jurisdictions that bar officials from communicating with federal authorities about someone’s immigration status.

The Senate Public Safety Committee considers SB54 Tuesday morning. The Judiciary Committee will also consider fast-tracked legislation that would spend state money, in an amount that has not been disclosed, to provide lawyers for people facing deportation.

Some Republicans have criticized the Democratic reaction to Trump’s policies, saying bombastic rhetoric and provocative legislation will inflame tensions with the president and harm California.

The debate over sanctuary cities reached a fevered pitch in 2015 after Kate Steinle, 32, was fatally shot in the back Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who was in the country illegally after multiple deportations to his native Mexico. Lopez-Sanchez, who told police the gun fired by accident, had been released from a San Francisco jail despite a request from federal immigration authorities that he be held in custody for possible deportation. Trump often cited the Steinle case during the campaign.

Many other cities and counties in California also refuse to detain immigrants for deportation agents out of legal concerns after a federal court ruled that immigrants can’t be held in jail beyond their scheduled release dates. Since then, federal agents have been asking local law enforcement agencies to provide information about immigrants they’re seeking for deportation, if not hold them.


  1. Funding for this noble enterprise should be deducted from all of the State’s Government Employee’s Pension Plans, 20% would be a reasonable estimate.

  2. What a perfect shite hole to make an example of, just make sure you get Holder, he is no doubt the architect of this insanity.
    I’m sure MOONBEAM won’t have a problem with prison, all those young mens.

  3. Great ides, but while the State can pass laws in most areas, DEFENCE and IMMIGRATION is Federal. So, they will need to SEPARATE from the union, first. Please DO THAT and don’t let the Hollywood and other snowflakes leave. Then the rest of us will sit back and pray for the state to slip into the sea as so many geologists predict.

  4. Let them all gather in the safe haven of the state of Calif. and the job to remove them will be fought only on one front.

  5. Build the wall around California, remove the military, and see how they like constant IS attacks and Chinese subs in San Fran Bay!

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