Cameron to push for more surveillance powers against ‘Islamist death cult’

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Cameron to push for more surveillance powers against 'Islamist death cult'

British Prime Minister, David Cameron is to meet intelligence chiefs this morning, calling for “more comprehensive” powers to monitor suspects

According to The Telegraph: He said Britain is facing the same threat as France from what he described as “this fanatical death cult of Islamist extremist violence”, adding: “We have to confront it in our own country, keeping our security strong but also taking on this poisonous narrative that is radicalising young minds, wherever we find it.”

Plans for a communications data bill – branded a “snooper’s charter” by critics – were blocked by Liberal Democrat opposition, but Conservatives have signalled they will revive the legislation if they secure an overall majority in May’s general election.

Speaking in Paris following the march, Mr Cameron promised to implement tougher new rules if he is still prime minister when present laws are renewed in 2016.

However, civil liberties campaigners warned against any attempt to use the Charlie Hebdo attacks to extend surveillance powers.

Emma Carr, director of Big Brother Watch, said: “It is wholly unacceptable for this tragedy in Paris to be used as a means to call for a return of the snooper’s charter.

“It is the wrong solution and would divert resources from focused surveillance operations at a time when the agencies are already struggling to cope with the volume of information available.”

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