Candace Owens Slams Cardi B’s Interview With Biden As ‘One Of The Biggest Insults’ To Black Americans

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A twitter feud has erupted between Candace Owens and ‘WAP’ rapper Cardi B over the latter’s interview with Joe Biden, her music, and politics in general.

Candace Owens, a Trump supporter and conservative activist, said that the interview was “demeaning… pandering and ridiculous”

In a video clip posted on Sunday, Owens said the Joe Biden interview with Cardi B was “one of the biggest insults” to the black community.

She then ripped into the singer’s personality, calling her “illiterate” and saying that her music “contributes to the disintegration of black culture and values.”

RT reports: Cardi B was none too happy about such descriptions. The provocative rapper ‘clapped back’ by saying that Biden “had” to talk to her because she has “the number one song,””a huge platform,” and “can make millions go vote.”

The discussion also veered into the topic of taxation. Owens saw inconsistency in Cardi B’s positions, as she supposedly wants “to lower [her] taxes” and have the costly “free universal healthcare” at the same time.

Cardi B came back at Owens by saying that despite “hating” to pay taxes, she’d rather the money went towards social programs and not police funding.

The discourse based in the US Democrat/Republican dichotomy then, perhaps, reached an inevitable point. The two women argued over who among their presidential candidates of choice, Donald Trump or Biden, was more racist.

Both Owens and Cardi B have millions of Twitter followers, who took sides by attacking the woman with whom they disagreed.

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