Federal Judge Says Leftist Judiciary Is Set To Ban Christian Symbols

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A federal judge warns that leftists are working to ban Christian symbols from public spaces on the grounds they "violate the Constitution."

A federal judge has warned that his liberal colleagues are working to ban Christian symbols, including the cross, from public spaces in America on the grounds they “violate the U.S. Constitution.”

A federal appeals court on Thursday rejected a request to reconsider its ruling that a 40-foot-tall Christian cross on a Maryland highway median just outside Washington “violates the U.S. Constitution“. The complaint was originally lodged by the American Humanist Association, an atheist group, who complained the cross “endorses Christianity while ignoring non-Christians.”

The decision by the appeals court to remove the cross prompted Judge Paul Niemeyer, who disagreed with the decision, to warn that Christian symbols across the country are now at risk of being removed.

Stating that the U.S. Supreme Court must intervene to protect Christian symbols from the wrath of radical leftists, Judge Niemeyer says the decision to remove the historical Cross from Bladensburg, Maryland has far-reaching consequences and “needlessly puts at risk hundreds of monuments with similar symbols standing on public grounds across the country.”

The cross in question was built in 1925 after a group of mothers decided to build a memorial to honor their sons and others from Prince George’s County, Maryland, who died in World War I.

The mothers chose a cross to mirror the cross-shaped grave markers in the foreign cemeteries where their sons were buried, according to the American Legion, which helped build the memorial in Bladensburg. A large bronze tablet lists the names of 49 residents who died.

The cross-shaped monument stands 40 foot tall and was built in memory of the 49 men of Prince George’s County who died in World War I.

The 93-year-old World War I monument, known as the Peace Cross, is still visited by descendants of the fallen soldiers who died fighting for freedom. However if the appeals court decision is allowed to stand, the supposedly “unconstitutional”cross will be torn down within months.

The decision of the three-judge panel sets dangerous precedent for veterans memorials and cemeteries across American, and we cannot allow it to be the final word,” First Liberty’s Hiram Sasser said.

If this decision stands, other memorials, including those in nearby Arlington Cemetery will be targeted for destruction as well,” Sasser warned.

Judge James Wilkinson, who also disagrees with the ruling by the appeals court, issued a blistering statement accusing those who wish to tear down crosses across the country of being cultural Marxists who have no respect for the traditions America was built on and the lives that were lost in the fight for freedom.

The dead cannot speak for themselves. But may the living hear their silence. We should take care not to traverse too casually the line that separates us from our ancestors and that will soon enough separate us from our descendants. The present has many good ways of imprinting its values and sensibilities upon society. But to roil needlessly the dead with the controversies of the living does not pay their deeds or their time respect,” he wrote.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. They just used peoples Chritiuan beliefs for centuries now ,protestant is Catholic ,Jewish or miskem to tuyrn them into killing maxhinbes for the glory if Satan’s triumph anyway ,but people cant see it it’s like Hoover said ,people are confronted by a conspiracy so monstrous,that they simply can’t believe it..

  2. The Georgia Guidestones must come down as they are of a luciferian religion. As take down the Israel flags as they have a jewish star on them.

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  3. if they try to remove the crosses and stars from Arlington they will likely find themselves in a war.

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