Cease-Fire in Ukraine Holds, but Soldiers and Residents Doubt It Will Last

Fact checked

From an article in The New York Times: “The cease-fire between the Ukrainian government and Russian-backed separatists held across the embattled southeast with minor violations on Saturday, but soldiers and civilians who had been enduring life on the front lines just a day earlier doubted that the calm would prevail after five months of warfare.

In this bucolic southern hamlet, set in woods above the Azov Sea, one family expressed its lack of confidence by bundling children and belongings into a car and fleeing. Like others, they heard explosions in the distance and believed rumors that barrages that killed a woman and two children here on Friday would soon resume.

On the main road, Ukrainian soldiers still manned checkpoints, checking cars and documents. A reconnaissance unit stopped on a hill to scout for enemy movement.

“It’s too early to relax,” one soldier said.

Indeed, across Ukraine, the possibility that the war might end had yet to gain traction. The fact that the government failed to release the text of the cease-fire agreement announced by negotiators in Minsk, Belarus, on Friday only added to people’s worries.


Read the full article at The New York Times (link)



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