Cher Hopes The ‘Ground Opens’ Under Trump & That ‘We Never See His Face Again’

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Cher took to Twitter on Saturday and appeared to openly fantasize about the death of President Trump.

In her tweet Cher blasted the president for suggesting that he might accept the Republican nomination for president in Gettysburg.

She said she hoped the ground ‘opens’ while Trump was at Gettysburg, and that “we never see him again.”

This is not the first time Cher has wished for violence against the president. Last year she hoped he would get sexually assaulted in prison in a tweet she deleted but did not apologize for.

The liberal singer has also recently accused Trump of being responsible for the ‘torture and killing’ of 160,000 Americans. She also claimed the president “kills Americans without a thought.”

RT reports In an eye-watering all caps tweet on Saturday, Cher slammed Trump’s recent suggestion that he might accept the Republican Party’s nomination for president in Gettysburg, saying that if he had the “mendacity” to set foot there, she hopes the ground opens “and we never see his ugly face again.”

She then added that the long-dead Harriet Tubman, who led slaves from the South to freedom in the North during the American Civil War, could “kick [Trump’s] a**.”

It appears Cher was not entirely up to date on matters, however, as Trump said in a New York Post interview which ran before her tweet, that his acceptance speech would likely take place at the White House. He did say, however, that he would potentially make a speech at Gettysburg at a later date.

While Cher’s tweet got plenty of supportive responses from fellow Trump critics, others, some calling themselves ex-fans, shamed the musician for the extreme tweet.

“You are a lost soul, Cher. It breaks my heart because I loved you when I was growing up,” one Trump-supporting user wrote


  1. RT l8ve to publish every anti American and especially anti Trump story they can They are absolutely a hateful outlet

  2. Maybe the world will get lucky and you will be walking along fall in a man hole, yes I said it let me say it again MAN HOLE, and a very patriotic person would put the cover back while you were down there. Now we would not have to see or hear from you again. You are one ugly itch

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