Donald Trump Rips CIA “New One” Over Election Hacking Claims

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Donald Trump obliterates CIA claims that Russia influenced the election

Donald Trump has ripped the CIA a new one over faulty claims that Russia influenced the US election and helped him win. 

Trump blasted the agency on Twitter late on Tuesday, criticising their decision to postpone a scheduled briefing with him to present their case for the claim that “Russian hackers” infiltrated Hillary Clinton’s campaign. reports:

The tweet is a devastating and unparalleled public display of lack of confidence in the US government’s official position by a US president-elect.

He is throwing down the gauntlet to the US intelligence establishment.

By placing “intelligence” in quotation marks and referring to “so-called” Russian hacks, Trump is being totally open about his appraisal of the propaganda campaign being waged to smear both him and Russia.

Any lesser man, any normal politician, would jump at the chance to dodge the bullet by using the nominal intel briefing as cover to shift responsibility for forming one’s own judgment of the hacking claims onto the CIA.

The briefing must have been delayed when they suddenly realized that Trump actually expected to be convinced, i.e., they actually had to work instead of just providing convenient cover for another puppet politician to toe the party line.

If the neocons entrenched in the CIA and other places thought Donald Trump could be intimidated or won over easily with the promise of a “briefing” to “clarify” things, they have proven to be sorely mistaken.

They have two days to produce a presentation which will convince the president-elect that he needs to abandon his intention of forging a rapprochement with Russia.

To say that Langley, which has already declared war on Trump, is pissing its top secret panties would be an understatement.

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