Chicago Mayor Asks Walmart Not to Leave Her City

Fact checked
Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot begs Walmart not to leave her lawless city

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is now asking retailers, including Walmart, to not leave the city following the widespread looting that saw some businesses destroyed.

After the recent riots, some retailers are having second thoughts about remaining in certain lawless cities.

Per WBBM News:

Mayor Lightfoot said she’s hopeful major retailers will reopen the Chicago stores that were looted or otherwise damaged during protests surrounding George Floyd’s killing by police in Minnesota. But, she’s unsure of one of the biggest.

Mayor Lightfoot said she was on a conference call with Walmart and other major retailers that had stores looted or heavily damaged during the unrest in Chicago. She said she pleaded with them to not abandon Chicago.

“I think in the case of Walmart, what they were focused on was assessing the damage. They are doing an effort to donate fresh produce, to the extent of what’s left so it doesn’t perish, and other perishables, and they are taking their time, as I would expect.” reports: Who can blame these companies if they leave the cities?

The same thing is happening in Minneapolis:

The cities hit by riots will be damaged by it for a long time.


  1. Attn WalMart – Please leave Chicago, the mayor does not give a damn about you or the people. He/She said she Embraces The New World Order and these type of stores do not exits in their reality.

  2. So what does this mean that if a Situation like Ferguson MO or Minneapolis Minnesota happens say every 4 years like a DNC & Broadcast News Prop there will be Riots on the West and South Side of Chicago? But the Bridges will be up and National Guard Protecting Down Town on Michigan Avenue. The Mayor let the South Side and West Side Burn, 25 New Cars got Looted and Stolen out of Toyota on Western avenue, One got caught up in a Armed Robbery that cause a Mom of 4 to Die in a Car Accident and 2 Chicago Police Officers Injured.. If I was Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Game stop and CVS, I would Not rebuilt in those Areas. It will happen evey 4 Years, The Corrupt Politicians Where a Day late and Dollar Short when responding. Just like the World Health organization response to the Corona Virus Covid-19 with No Proof of Human to Human Transmission Statement in January.. Progressives like Mayor Lightfoot and Govinor JB Pritzker are disasters for Bussiness large and small in Illionis. The last 8 Weeks if you had anyone who Died in you Family your Options for a Regular Wake, Church Mass and Furnial where Zero. Both the Govinor and Mayor had Church Ordered Shut, 10 people Maximum at Funeral Homes, No Church Optons, No more then 10 People allowed at Cemeteries. However a week after George Floyd Died Americans Witnessed 3 Different Furnials in 3 Different States, Church Services, Protests with No mask requirements threw out the Country.. The Govinor needs to be Suied for Constitutional and Bill of Rights infringements from all the Residents in Corrupt Illionis state.

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