Child Reveals How All U.S. Presidents Are Related To Royalty

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A 12-year-old girl has traced the genealogical trees of all presidents, and discovered that they are all related to European royalty. 


BridgeAnna d’Avignon from California has created a ground-breaking family tree that connects 42 of the 43 presidents back to King John of England.

D’Avignon originally started the project hoping to trace her own family bloodline in France, but ended up uncovering more than she originally intended.

She also found out that she is the 18th cousin of President Obama and upon finding out wrote to the President.

The White House are yet to respond.

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  1. No surprise here. Power of this magnitude has historically been kept in a few families. The modern extreme of this is the deliberate Rothschild inbreeding so as to to not relinquish world financial control.

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