Church of England slams Britain’s government over bedroom tax

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Church of England slams Britain's government over bedroom tax

Church of England leaders have slammed Britain’s government over the controversial bedroom tax.

In a stinging rebuke of Iain Duncan Smith’s flagship welfare reform, senior clergy described it as “unjust”, “ineffective” and “deeply unfair”and a cultural disregard for the lives of the poor

The Independent reports: At the General Synod in Westminster, they will debate whether the Church should hold an inquiry into the impact of the policy.

The bedroom tax, which the Government says is the removal of the “spare room subsidy”, was designed to free up larger homes that were under-occupied by removing housing benefit for any spare rooms. But with a national shortage of one and two bedroom properties, many families are unable to move and have growing rent arrears as they are charged extra to stay in the same place.

A paper criticising its impact submitted by the diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales ahead of today’s vote says: “As well as being ineffective, we perceive both the principle behind the policy and the consequences of its implementation to be unjust.”

The paper also asserts that: “In the principle of the tax we see a deep unfairness and almost cultural disregard for the lives of the poor and a devaluing of commitment to place and community which have always been a core consideration of the Church of England.”

It adds: “The bedroom tax voices a disregard for… the lives of the most vulnerable in a way that would never be done to the more wealthy and for this reason is unjust.”


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