CIA Insider: Irish American Must Sacrifice Themselves in a War With China

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Former CIA agent says Irish Americans must sacrifice themselves in a war with China

Former CIA officer Kevin Carroll has warned that Irish Americans will soon be required to sacrifice themselves in an upcoming war with China.

Carroll, who last month declared that the Capitol protestors were “terrorists” like al Qaeda, wrote an article for the Washington Examiner urging Irish Americans to take up the fight against Communist China.

Per The Washington Examiner:

The priest tells his flock that they ought not to pray to survive combat but to have grace and strength in the coming battle, to do a good job for God and country, no matter what happens to themselves. He reminds them that they were looking for battle, as they steamed dangerously close, 50 miles, to Japan’s home islands, to avenge Pearl Harbor and defeat genocidal fascism.

[…] Irish Americans are at their best when serving selflessly as men and women for others. […]

The United States may be called upon yet again to fight in the far reaches of the Pacific, this time against Chinese communists. We hope not. But if we must, Irish Americans will be there. reports: If you protest against the communist takeover of America deep state agents will label you a “terrorist” like Al Qaeda and call for you to be “ruthlessly hunted down” — but you’re desperately needed to go and fight and die in a war of aggression against China!

As we’ve all seen, the Biden regime is on exactly the same page as this “former” CIA officer when it comes to treating the Capitol protesters as domestic terrorists

I assure you, they’re also on the same page when it comes to launching a war of aggression against China and demanding Heritage Americans (the same ones they’re demonizing 24/7 as “white supremacists”) go fight and die in China and Iran so LGBT flags can be hoisted over their Capitols and Drag Queen Story Hours can be held in all their libraries under the protection of police snipers.

All the anti-China rhetoric the right is swallowing hook, line and sinker is setting us up to be sacrificed as pawns in another neocon regime change war.

Colonel Doug Macgregor addressed the issue Monday night with Tucker Carlson:

Full segment:

The right needs to stop getting so easily played.

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