President Harris Meets With Prime Minister of Ireland: “We’re a Violent and Racist Country”

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Kamala Harris tells PM of Ireland that USA is a racist and violent country

Kamala Harris on Wednesday kicked off a virtual meeting with Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin by declaring that the USA is a violent and racist country.

VP Harris started Wednesday’s meeting by bringing up the mass shooting in Atlanta that resulted in 8 deaths, including 6 Asian women.

Despite the fact that the motivation of the shooting was still unclear at the time of Harris’ meeting, she decided to conclude that the shooting was a hate crime against Asians.

Preliminary reports indicate the shooter, 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, was a sex addict.

But Harris seemed eager to trash America as a violent and racist country to begin her meeting with the Irish leader. reports: At one point, the Prime Minister of Ireland accidentally referred to Kamala Harris as “president” then quickly corrected himself and said “madam vice president.”


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