CIA Director Admits Fooling Trump Over Syrian Chemical Weapons Story

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CIA director admits he fooled trump into believing false Syrian chemical weapons intel

CIA Director Mike Pompeo has admitted that he fooled President Trump into falsely believing the chemical weapons attack in Syria was orchestrated by the Syrian government.

The false flag attack, which actually originated from CIA rebel groups in the region, resulted in Trump launching Tomahawk missiles into Syria, killing 15 civilians. reports:  In a recent speech to the INSA Leadership Dinner on July 11, Pompeo was giving a typical dinner speech about the harrowing world of the intelligence community, how tough it is to have his position, the importance of it, etc. During the course of the speech, however, Pompeo let a very interesting tidbit slip. Pompeo said:

I got a call from the President one afternoon back in April. He wanted to talk about some disturbing images that were coming in from Syria. I’m sure you saw many of them yourselves—scenes of innocent civilians writhing in agony, the apparent victims of a chemical weapons attack.

The President had a very direct message for me: Find out what happened. So we immediately assembled a crack team of Agency experts. They began piecing together the evidence, working closely with some outstanding partners from across the Intelligence Community.

The next day the President called his cabinet together. As we sat down, he turned to me and asked what we had learned. I told him that the IC had concluded that a chemical weapon had indeed been used in the attack, and that it had been launched by the Syrian regime.

The President paused a moment and said: Pompeo, are you sure? I’ll admit that the question took my breath away. But I knew how solid the evidence was, and I was able to look him in the eye and say, Mr. President, we have high confidence in our assessment.

The President never looked back. Based on the Intelligence Community’s judgment, he made one of the most consequential decisions of his young administration, launching a strike against the very airfield where the attack originated.

So I can assure you that when it comes to having the confidence of the Commander in Chief, CIA and the Intelligence Community are in great shape.

In other words, Pompeo is directly contradicting Hersh’s sources, saying it was not Trump who led the show but the intelligence community. Of course, Trump, being President is ultimately responsible for making the wrong decision but notice that, according to Pompeo himself, Trump demanded answers as to whom committed the attack. It was the intelligence community that came back to the President with assurances Assad was responsible.

Obviously, given all of the evidence surrounding Khan Sheikhoun, the idea that Assad committed a chemical weapons attack is ludicrous. It simply did not happen. The United States has no evidence that the incident was what it claims and all of the evidence produced by the Syrians, Russians, and independent researchers points to the contrary, even toward the fact that the entire incident may have been planned to set up the Syrian government so as to provide justification for an attack on Syria by the United States.

So what Pompeo is admitting to is, at best, providing the President with faulty intelligence. However, we know from the Hersh leaks that the intelligence community was already well aware of the fact that the Syrian government did not commit a chemical weapons attack. With that in mind, it appears that Pompeo has admitted to lying to Trump regarding the guilty party in Khan Sheikhoun and the existence of chemical weapons. At the very least, he managed to create a paper trail that leads right to the door of the CIA.

Is anyone surprised?


  1. I knew it was BS, my friends knew it was BS.
    Well, there goes that myth about the best and brightest serving in Washington DC.

  2. This is what happens when you put dishonest people like Mike Pompeo who are on the take from Soros and others. The man should be terminated ASAP Even the most stupid of fools who did not listen to CNN (If you listen to CNN you are a MORON) knew Russia was supporting a legal government. The stupid CIA was not able to tell the quality of the Saranin gas and discern it was poor and thus not from the Syrian government? Dishonesty is rampant in America time to CLEAN THE SWAMP!

  3. I knew that there had been previous false flag chemical weapons attacks previously in Syria. I questioned these when I first heard about them and the “response”. The Deep State wants Assad out. The international banksters want Assad out. The U.S. should have no reason to oppose him.

  4. That would explain the missiles. That’s treason, and murder for Pompeo. It’s terrorism against the victims. I hope Trump makes a real good example of this guy.

  5. Pompeo’s head needs to be on a spike. If Trump can not trust his appointed Director of the CIA, FOR whatever reason, pompeo just became disposable.

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