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Censored study finds COVID-19 is rarely found in the unjabbed

An official study has concluded that people who did not receive a COVID-19 jab had a lower rate of suffering a severe case of the virus during the pandemic.

The study, which has been uploaded to the preprint server ResearchGate, relied on data from over 18,500 respondents across 175 countries. Scientists found that individuals unvaccinated against COVID-19 reported fewer instances of hospitalization in comparison to their vaccinated counterparts. reports: MSN – a news website launched by vaccine enthusiast Bill Gates’s Microsoft in 1995 –  covered the study, titling its article “Severe COVID-19 ‘Rare’ In Unvaccinated People,” but appears to have taken down the story since its publication. Archived versions of the article are still available, however.

The survey – “Self-reported outcomes, choices and discrimination among a global COVID-19 unvaccinated cohort“– was conducted from September 2021 through February 2022. Data collected for the survey was analyzed by an independent, international team of scientists led by Robert Verkerk, Ph.D., the founder and executive and scientific director of Alliance for Natural Health International.

“It is important to recognize that because the cohort represents a self-selected, as opposed to randomly selected, sample, the findings cannot be directly compared with other observational studies based on self-reported data based on randomly selected subjects,” emphasized the study.

Many of the unvaccinated individuals included in the analysis opted for natural treatments such as vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, and drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

The study also found that people unvaccinated against COVID-19 faced discrimination for their decisions, with between 20 to 60 percent of people per country reporting being personal targets of “hate or victimization.”

“Respondents reported feeling even more victimized by their respective states, with rates among respondents being greatest in Southern Europe (61%), Western Europe (59%), Australia and New Zealand (57%) and South America (57%),” explained the paper.

The survey follows additional studies reaching similar conclusions about the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. A Koch Institute report assessing data from the German government, for example, found that 80 percent of cases of the Omicron variant occurred in fully vaccinated people in the country.


  1. In more exciting news apparently now Faucis virologist is whistlebloweing that the jabbed are all going to get really sick and even die now. Let’s wait and see.

  2. oddly enough out of all the people I know who didn’t get vaccinated, not a single one ended up in the hospital with severe symptoms. 2 of the vaccinated did. I think the shots work better for some than others but short term only and that makes it a flu shot not a vaccination.

  3. What they don’t tell you is it is parasites, that cause all diseases.
    Like the puppies that Fauci tortured with sand flies resulted in the
    Flesh eating disease (that start on the face, like the faces of the puppies) caused by sand fly parasites, coming next.
    It is all parasites that transfer disease in the vaccines.
    That is why invermectin worked, it is mostly wormwood, which kills parasites.
    It is a cure for parasites.

    When you poison something enough, parasites come to finish the job.

    from: drrobertyoung who knows that viruses are non-existent a made up joke:

    Corona Vaccine – an acronym which stands for: Co = COordinated Ro = ROuting Na = NAno operating system and the word Virus in Latine means = POISON!

    The real reason for the so-called CORONAvirus and the inoculation of ALL Humans and Animals

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