Class Action Attorney Has Evidence That Could End Hillary’s Run

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The attorney heading the class action lawsuit against the DNC has explosive evidence that could halt Hillary's presidential campaign.

Jared H. Beck, the attorney heading the class action lawsuit against the DNC over allegations of widespread election fraud, told Your News Wire that they are sitting on potentially explosive and damning evidence that could remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ from public office, and also bring Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to its knees.

There have been concerns that the [Florida primary election] results are not accurate of the actual vote,” Jared H. Beck, partner at Beck & Lee Trial Lawyers and JamPAC founder, told Your News Wire. “At this point, we are looking to investigate the District 23 election results. We are keeping an open mind to all possibilities.

JamPAC, a grassroots Super PAC that aims to restore the voice of the people to government, has made public records demands to the Supervisors of Elections for Broward and Miami-Dade counties in Florida.

The regions cover the 23rd Congressional District Primary election between Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova – won by Wasserman Schultz despite recently resigning as DNC Chair in the wake of WikiLeaks’ publication of emails showing the DNC to have violated its own charter.

We have received concerns from members of the public regarding the accuracy of the results. In order to best address these concerns, we believe a that a comprehensive, independent audit is necessary,” said Beck.

The public records demands made by JamPAC include all ballots, including absentee ballots, cast in the 2016 primary election, as well as all electronic data, all ballot-of-chain data, and all electromechanical components of the voting systems used in the election.

JamPAC has also formally requested that any attempts to delete, erase, shred or otherwise tamper with the requested records and papers, including electronic data, be ceased immediately.

To conduct a rigorous audit will entail significant expense. We are confident that we can raise the necessary funds in order to complete this investigation, but we are going to need the public’s help with this. Monitoring the integrity of our elections is integral to our democratic process.

Asked what the “endgame” for the investigation is, he said, “We will have to see what the data ultimately show,” but the immediate goal is to ensure that our elected officials are elected legitimately.

Beck also pointed out the contradictory statements made by Wasserman Schultz regarding the DNC’s behaviour during the primary elections. He said,”We do know that she [Wasserman Schultz] has made both these comments”:

“The DNC Remains Neutral in this Primary based on our rules,” to CNN.


The work we did to prepare for Hillary Clinton, to be our nominee and then make sure that we could get her elected president, is absolutely critical to advancing the issues that are important,” at the debate with Tim Canova.

Beck said, “I find those two statements to be contradictory, and we look forward to delving into the evidence if given the opportunity by the court in the DNC class action lawsuit.

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