CNN Claims “Landslide Support” for Biden over Sanders

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CNN poll predicts landslide support for Biden over Sanders

A recent CNN poll claims Joe Biden is well ahead of Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic primary nomination.

Former Vice President Biden holds 39% of the vote for those who were polled, while Sanders only holds 15%. reports: The reality is, these numbers are nothing but a misleading lie. This is fake news that again CNN should be held accountable for by organizations that love to watchdog fake news, except they likely won’t, because we all know who owns the watch dogs.

How They Fudged The Numbers

For those that understand how scientific studies are manipulated to show the results needed for drug or vaccine approval, for example, you will notice the same tendencies in this study. Data sets are either dropped or not used so as to massage numbers to produce desired outcomes.

The CNN poll was conducted by research organization SSRS. The biggest, most glaringly obvious challenge was that it had too few respondents in both the 18-34 and 35-49 age cohorts to be deemed statistically significant.

The poll claimed that the sample size was “weighted to reflect national Census figures” for several basic demographics, including age. This was their justification for focusing entirely on a demographic that would likely support Biden or Bernie.

They noted the marker “N/A,” which you will see in the below graphic, represents less than 125 respondents. This states that the sample size is “too small to be projectable to their true values in the population.” Meaning, no accurate data. Just come out and say it.

This poll is in contrast to a Monmouth University poll released on April 23, where the numbers came back as follows:

Sanders: age 18 – 49 = 30%, age 50+ = 10%
Biden: age 18 – 49 = 25%, age 50+ = 28%

Overall for this poll, Biden received 27% as compared to Sanders receiving 20%.

What’s the key difference between the CNN poll and the Monmouth poll? One is a fairly close race while the other is a complete landslide.

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