Rumble Slams ‘Disturbing’ Request From UK Parliament To Demonetize Russell Brand

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RUMBLE Russell Brand

The video platform Rumble has rejected the British Government’s request to demonetize Russell Brand.

The government insists that they are prtecting the “victims”…..despite NO trial & NO criminal charges

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski ssued his response after the UK Parliament sent him a letter expressing concerns that Brand was profiting off the platform.

He said “Although it may be politically and socially easier for Rumble to join a cancel culture mob, doing so would be a violation of our company’s values ​​and mission. We emphatically reject the U.K. Parliament’s demands.”

We regard it as deeply inappropriate and dangerous that the UK Parliament would attempt to control who is allowed to speak on our platform or earn a living from doing so.”

Brand has been accused by four women of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse, following an investigation by the Times, the Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches program

He has since had his content removed from the BBC and Channel 4. YouTube took has also taken steps to stop Brand’s channels from making money off ads.

InfoWars reports: In addition to inviting Rumble to “join YouTube in suspending Mr. Brand’s ability to earn money on the platform,” UK Parliament’s letter also asked what the video hosting service does to  ensure creators don’t use the platform to “undermine the welfare of victims.” 

Remember, Brand has only been accused of having abused and raped several people. As of this writing, there has been NO trial and NO criminal charges laid against Brand.

The system is going after Brand because he has been challenging the establishment’s narrative.

In the video below Alex Jones breaks down how globalists are exposing their own playbook in their latest campaign against Russell Brand.

And as Paul Joseph Watson notes: of course it’s political.

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