Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sister Isabel Works For The WEF

Fact checked
Isabel Maxwell

Were you aware that Ghislaine Maxwells sister Isabel S Maxwell is a member of the WEF?

Isabel, who took over her younger sisters affairs when she was incarcerated, is listed as a Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum

According to Wikipedia, Isabel Sylvia Margaret Maxwell is a French-born entrepreneur and the co-founder of Magellan, an early search engine that was acquired by Excite.

Maxwell served as the President of Commtouch, an Israeli internet company that became CYREN. She was also a Director of Israel Venture Network and built up their Social Entrepreneur program in Israel from 2004–2010.

She has also been a loyal supporter of her younger sister Ghislaine, standing by her during her sex abuse trial in the US.

Ghislaine Maxwell is currently housed at a low-security prison in Tallahassee, Florida after being found guilty of trafficking women and girls for the later pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse.

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