Everyone Knows Biden Is ‘Out of His Mind’ Says Joe Rogan

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Joe Biden

Podcast host Joe Rogan told comedian Iliza Shlesinger it is common knowledge that President Biden is “out of his mind” and “barely hanging in there” during during Spotify’s The Joe Rogan Experience on Thursday.

Rogan was criticising Biden over a bizarre press conference where he used the stage to whisper creepily to reporters.

Rogan told Shlesinger “We’re not anchored down by a real leader.

We don’t really have a real leader in this country anymore.

I mean, you could say Joe Biden is the president, he’s our leader, and you’d be correct on paper, but everybody knows he’s out of his mind. He’s barely hanging in there.”


  1. Bogqns an image without real substance. He s a string of cliched conversations.Thet use him because he promotes a look of poverty as normal

    • Communism And in effect Bidens doung that too because apart from handing out a trillion bucks in ” consequential ” cheques ,which will go to drug dealers bottle shops and paying credit card debts ,in a lot of instances apart from some level headed people .But by sacking the boss of freddy and Fannie and putting that nee person in a dress there namex Barbra who says her mission is to provide affordable community housing ,aka communist style “home ownership ” you know the loans that you will never repay in your lifetime because the interest is too low for the banks to make any money from lending it unless the term is so l8ng that its profitable to them when your kids inherit the debt on your death So the banks will be the mortgage holders of properties in perpetuity together with the elite who will be able to pay cash and become a lqmdl8rd feudalistic style class or ” village Baron ” again All part of tbe great reset .Baronial farm owners and landlords and tenants indebted into slavery as their freedom from democracy under capitalism umbrella

      • And the Jesuits rule all banking by ruling the Bank of England through ruling the Rothschilds by the deal they made giving them control over the vqt7cans bank

    • .. careful… that is the Democrat CHAMPION and the leader they all aspire to be, the one they would follow to hell and back you are disparaging there…sarc… but yeah is is disolving faster and faster with each passing day soon calling him a lunatic will be considered a compliment

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