CNN Director Admits Network Is Trashing Matt Gaetz to ‘Hurt Him Because He’s Pro-Trump’

Fact checked
CNN News Director admits networking is spreading propaganda about Rep. Matt Gaetz to punish him for being a Trump supporter

CNN director Charlie Chester has admitted the network has worked tirelessly 24/7 to spread fake news about Rep. Matt Gaetz simply because he is “too conservative.”

“If the agenda say, is to like get, like Matt Gaetz right now, he’s like this Republican,” Chester said in an explosive video released by Project Vertias.

“He’s a problem for the Democratic Party because he’s so conservative and he can cause a lot of hiccups in passing of laws and what not.”

“So, it would be great for the Democratic Party to get him out. So, we’re going to keep running those stories to keep hurting him and make it so that it can’t be buried and like just settled outside of court and just like, you know, if we keep pushing that, it’s helping us,” he continued.

“That’s propaganda because it’s helping us in some way,” he admitted in the bombshell video. reports: In other clips Project Veritas released, Chester admits CNN’s goal was to get former President Trump out of office, that they created “propaganda” about the 45th president’s health, and that after the pandemic is over, the network will aggressively pivot to the left’s climate change agenda.

On Twitter, some argued the undercover footage was enough for Gaetz and Trump to sue CNN.


    • … only serves to prove how sick and depraved a certain sector of society is. From where I sit. when so called news agencies are more intrested in creating the news than reporting the news then all benefits they recieve from the agencies that oversee and protect them should be stripped.For me CNN is no better than the Natioanl Enquirer, but at least with the Enquierer I know what they are pedalling

  1. They want to make pedophilia legal against like it was u tbeir believed Rome tbat they soon will resurrect They want a backlash against their repressive age if consent laws after theye finished using them to destroy their enemies .They’re just playing with peoples attitudes, having fun seeing how spineless the ” liberals ” really are Walking all over them, like stepping stones to their tyrany.

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