CNN Fake News Roots for Ukraine NAZIS To Topple Russia

Fact checked
CNN hopes Ukraine nazis topple Russia

CNN has declared that Neo-Nazis in Ukraine are heroes for torturing Russians and attempting to overthrow President Vladimir Putin.

In a disturbing article, CNN claims that not all Nazis are bad:

President Vladimir Putin framed the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a “special mission” to protect Russian speakers from genocide at the hands of ​”neo-Nazis.” […] For the Kremlin, Exhibit A in this special mission is the far-right Azov movement, part of the military and political landscape in Ukraine for nearly a decade.

Azov’s military and political wings formally separated in 2016, when the far-right National Corps party was founded. The Azov battalion had by then been integrated into the Ukrainian National Guard.

An effective fighting force that’s very much involved in the current conflict, the battalion has a history of neo-Nazi leanings, which have not been entirely extinguished by its integration into the Ukrainian military.​

In its heyday as an autonomous militia, the Azov Battalion was associated with White supremacists and neo-Nazi ideology and insignia. It was especially active in and around Mariupol in 2014 and 2015. CNN teams in the area at the time reported Azov’s embrace of neo-Nazi emblems and paraphernalia. reports: As long as the west supports the Nazis to advance their political interests, western media support Nazis.  As soon as the Ukraine conflict is settled, apparently it will be ok to go back to criticizing Nazis – or something.

In a discussion with Ivory Hecker, war correspondent Lara Logan notes the insufferable madness of the Ukraine propaganda that media will not stop pushing.  CNN sharing a sympathetic voice for the Ukraine army torturing prisoners of war, is just another typical example of the insanity.


  1. Russia is equal in size according to some sources as the Crowns entire land holdings both, they sayseparately totalling one sixth of the world’s land mass. I’m not so sure rhe Crown doesn’t actually have rather a lot more than many people realize, tucked secretly away under wraps from prying eyes.
    Anyway acquisitive nature’s, always wanting more and happy to cast a wide net will forever want the big prize. But conspicuous consumption is so vulgar, one always need to appear content with what one has. So subterfuge is essential.

    • it`s not the land masse but the metal&fuel and grains that runs china that puts russia at the top of the WTO.The crownlands died post WW-1 and the brittys were never a factor after that as thier power than slipped away by WW2

    • You are STILL forgetting like a white person AFRICA which china has a huge stock in also.54 countrys with over 1.3 billion people projected to have a GNP of 29 TRILLION per-year by 2050 so as amareica shrinks away RUSSIA/CHINA/AFRICA takevers and our super power never really was it was all aliled power and KKK

  2. I’m confused, the left claims all Trump supporters are Nazi’s and that’s bad. Now Nazi’s are a good thing?

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