CNN Host: Paul Pelosi Can’t Be Gay Because Nancy is ‘Sexy Personified’

Fact checked

As serious questions regarding the truth about the alleged Pelosi hammer attack continue to go unanswered, failed CNN+ host Rex Chapman has waded into the debate with an even more pathetic level of analysis than we have come to expect from the CNN.

According to Chapman, Rex Pelosi cannot possibly be a closeted homosexual because his wife, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is “sexy personified.”

The failed CNN+ host took to Twitter to shut down the theories concerning Paul Pelosi’s sexuality, writing:

“I love Nancy Pelosi. Full disclosure. Like huge crush. Huge. From way back. Beautiful yea. But big brain. Big big brain. Huge confidence. Sexy personified.”

Chapman then posted several photos of Paul and Nancy Pelosi together.

Chapman continued, tweeting, “Not one person ever in history accused Paul Pelosi of being gay. Ever. In 82-years. Dude married Nancy f–king Pelosi. Kids. Grandkids. Was attacked with a hammer and republicans felt like it was ok to take shots at him. Hilarious, desperate, sad. Pathetic.”

Chapman added that Republicans “have no shame” and linked them to everything from “taking your social security” to “trying to ruin your reputation when you’re old,” as he accused them of doing in the case of Paul Pelosi. 

Although Chapman was determined to combat misinformation about the attack, he has been accused over the years of spreading misinformation online himself. In January, Fox News Digital reported that Chapman “has become infamous for sharing liberal tweets that are often out-of-context or regurgitated from users with smaller followings.”

And though Chapman has decried the attack on Pelosi, he seemed to justify the attack on Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ken., in 2017. Last week, Chapman tweeted about Paul, writing “Lol. I bet Paul Pelosi doesn’t cry as much as this little bitch. Pelosi’s attack was politically motivated. It happened because people like you won’t disavow Qanon and the Proud Boys and shit. You got your ass whipped by your neighbor because you’re a f–king jerk.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. The republicans threw Trump to the wolves like a pack of dogs I’ve been no fan of them under the Bush’s, the nazi Prescott Bush or any if his spawn. The Democrats threw, JFK and RFK to the wolves. They’ve deserted and abandoned Americans and both of them have double crossed their constituents in a shameful deplorable despicable filthy deceitful evil duplicitous nasty and greedy selfish money grubbing opportunistic frenzy of egocentric narcissistic vicious elitist orgiastic criminal corruptions.
    Satan personified.
    With just a handful of exceptions.

    • you’ve got a aother new name now Are you going for the bakers dozen today? Haven’t you been working hard daily for years for GeorgeSoros et al.
      Disqus rings favourite duplicitous deceitful things

  2. Cleary gay. Caught in his underwear fighting with his psychotic homeless drug addicted lover. Cover up in progress by local DA etc. Its all pretty clear.

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