Dolly Parton Bitch-slaps ABC Host For Trashing Trump

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Dolly Parton slams ABC host who tries to force her into trash-talking Trump

ABC’s Nightline correspondent David Wright was left stunned after Dolly Parton bitch-slapped him for attempting to get her to trash talk President Trump. 

“I’m not being political. I don’t do politics. I’m not getting into any of that. Because I have a lot of fans out there and I don’t want to offend anybody. And besides, I don’t get into that and so if you decide you may want to ask me something more serious, don’t…because I’m not gonna answer it.” Parton warned Wright at the start of her interview.

Wright gave Parton a creepy laugh, and said, “Fair warning. Ok. I’m duly warned. I might still ask.”

A clip was then shown by ABC from Parton’s “9 to 5” movie that was used to bait her into a conversation about President Trump.

From the clip, wright sneered: “The sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical portrayed so effectively in that movie by actor Dabney Coleman hasn’t exactly disappeared from the culture.”

Following the clip, the host immediately pleaded for Parton to talk sh*t about the President: “We have a President of the United States who said those things on the bus.”

Parton responded: “I’m not addressing that. I do not get into that. Of course, I have my opinion about everyone and everything, but I learned a long time ago, keep your damn mouth shut if you wanna stay in show business. I’m not in politics, I’m in entertainment.” reports: The ABC correspondent whined, “And yet you’re also a role model.”

Considering Wright’s concern over sexism, one wonders if he looks back with regret over a comment he made about Sarah Palin. In 2009, the journalist covered the 50th anniversary of Barbie. After mentioning some of the toy character’s various careers, Wright derided, “Some would argue she also ran for vice president in 2008.”

Sexist? Perhaps. But it was aimed at a conservative. So, by liberal standards, it’s okay.


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