CNN: ‘Iran Is Better For America Than Trump’

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CNN claims Iran loves America more than President Trump

CNN sunk to new depths on Monday after informing viewers that the tyrannical Islamic Republic of Iran was better for America than President Trump.

With a straight face, CNN Global Affairs analyst Max Boot informed viewers that Iran was more “stable and rational than the President of the United States.” reports: Boot exemplifies CNN’s unbelievable bias against President Trump and his administration, how an American television station could ever find Iran in a morally superior position is bewildering to say the very least.

The following is a transcript of the relevant portion as it was aired on the July 23 edition of CNN’s Wolf:

MAX BOOT: Well if anybody is issuing demented words of violence and death, I would say it’s the president of the United States.

I mean it’s quite a pass we’ve come to when the leadership of a country like Iran seems more stable and rational than the President of the United States.

But I mean I agree with what was said. I don’t actually think he’s planning to attack Iran. I think this is really a ploy to distract the tension from the horrible publicity he got for his subservience to Russia.

But this really also I think it underlines just how his extraordinary his conduct towards Putin is. Because look at what he’s doing here. He is threatening Rouhani with death, and you know consequences nobody’s ever seen before. And what did Rouhani do?

He gave a speech in which he said — you know — if the U.S. attacks Iran, it’ll be the mother of all wars. And likewise if the U.S. makes peace with Iran it will be the, the peace of all — the mother of all peace. 

So this was not some true attack on the United States. It was just some rhetoric, whereas Vladimir Putin is actually attacking the United States as we know from his own director of national intelligence, and Trump has nothing to say about that. 

Moreover today, or sorry, yesterday, Mike Pompeo, you know, gave a tough speech about Iran at the Ronald Reagan library, a lot of which I agree with he was really pointing out the corruption and human rights abuses in Iran, which he’s right to do, but how come Pompeo and Trump and nobody in the administration ever points out the corruption and human rights abuses in Russia? 

There’s a clear double standard here, Wolf.

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