CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘We Must BANISH Idiots Like Novak Djokovic From Society’

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Don Lemon on CNN says Novak Djokovic must be banished from society

CNN host Don Lemon declared during Tuesday’s show that “idiots” who choose not to take coronavirus jabs need to be banished from “polite society” for the “greater good.”

Referring to a viral rant against the unjabbed by an unhinged Mexican news anchor, Lemon declared “He’s right. I’ve gotten criticized for saying that we need to stop listening to the people and they should not be part of polite society, so to speak.”

“The unvaccinated people in the U.S., they’re key to the reason that coronavirus, the variants are emerging. And that the reason – I’m looking at the stats from the CDC – and the reason why it’s replicating and mutating. It’s because of unvaccinated people, who are doing their own research online!”

“I can’t do my own research better than experts who do have devoted their lives to medical and scientific research,” Lemon added, suggesting that those who don’t “believe in science” shouldn’t be banned from travelling.

“We have to start doing things for the greater good of society and not for idiots who think that they can do their own research, or that they are above the law and they can break the rules,” Lemon added, pointing to tennis champion Novak Djokovic.

Lemon declared that Australia told Djokovic “No, no, no, no, no. We’re going to look at the greater good of everyone in our society, and you’re not part of that. We don’t care that you’re the number one tennis player in the world.”

“And good on them because they are keeping their population and their citizens – people who want to be good citizens – they’re keeping them healthy and safe and alive,” Lemon added.

WATCH: reports: Lemon keeps suggesting that it is time to segregate society. Last month he declared that conservatives and people who dislike wearing face masks are to blame for a rise in traffic accident deaths, because they are contributing to a “lack of civility” in society.

Lemon is, of course, another massive hypocrite preaching ‘do as I say not as I do’.


  1. Rubbish The jabs don’t stop people transmitting covid. Load of absolute bollocks. But Djokovic is Orthodox and by all weird coincidence Lemons from Scots French European. background so limy Catholic. And the South was Catholic too.Basically French Catholic South and white Protestant North.

  2. Lets start with sending all black criminals and perverts back to Africa if you really want to help the society, starting with you.

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