Ukrainian Opposition Leader Accuses Pro Western Forces Of Using Neo-Nazis In Proxy War Against Russia

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Ukrainian opposition leader

Radical political forces are a weapon that are routinely used by Western-backed actors in Ukraine to stifle their opponents, according to exiled opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk.

Medvedchuk claims that the US and its allies are willing to overlook this as long as it serves their interests.

In an analysis of the ongoing conflict, which was published by RIA Novosti this week, the Ukrainian politician wrote:

“Neo-Nazism is the cudgel that pro-Western forces turn to when they lose. Then, the mask of democracy and peacemaking comes off instantly, and opponents find themselves back in the harsh reality of political cannibalism”

Sott Net reports: Medvedchuk’s Opposition Platform – For Life party was the largest opposition faction in the Ukrainian parliament before a government crack down led by President Vladimir Zelensky banned the bloc for supposedly being pro-Russian.

The party was targeted because it had every chance to topple Zelensky at the ballot box, he said, citing opinion polls, but a “system of oppression” was deployed against it.

Historically, in Ukraine “as soon as a non pro-Western force gains ground, scores higher approval, pro-Western forces do everything to ban it,” he wrote. Radicals in the media “slander opposition politicians, threaten their supporters and urge a mass crackdown.”

Today, any speech in the pro-Western media is hailed as freedom of expression, whereas outlets allowing dissent are “declared propagandists, and its journalists branded traitors” and blacklisted..

The West never sees this as incitement, as a call for violence and lawlessness, as it never sees the ensuing violence and lawlessness.”

Meanwhile, thugs who are used to suppress the opposition act with impunity in Ukraine, even maiming and killing their targets, Medvedchuk asserted. Any attempt to defend oneself is treated as “aggression and separatism.”

“Today, Ukraine is in the hands of people, who don’t speak Ukrainian [as their mother tongue] and who are mostly not ethnic Ukrainians,” the politician stated. “They turned the Ukrainian language into a ‘friend-or-foe’ designator to cover up their true intentions.”

The Ukrainian case stands out because of the resources that the US and its allies have invested into tearing the country away from Russia and showcasing it as an example of pro-Western development, Medvedchuk believes.

If Kiev fails, the “political bankruptcy” of Washington’s global leadership would be exposed, as will the failure of EU expansion, which the politician compared to the construction of the Tower of Babel in terms of the chaos it produces.


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