Confused Biden Tried To Shake Hands With Thin Air

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Joe Biden

President Biden appeared to try to shake hands with thin air in his latest gaffe which followed several bizarre remarks made during a public address in North Carolina yesterday.

Biden’s political opponents interpreted the hand gesture as just the latest episode of apparent confusion, which the 79-year-old has demonstrated on several occasions during his presidency.

The embarrassing moment happened when Biden had finished his speech

Richard Grenell, who served as US ambassador to Germany and acting director of national intelligence in the Trump administration, called it a moment of “weakness” that the entire world can see. GOP Senator Ted Cruz tweeted an eyes emoji in response to footage of the episode. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said it was “incredibly embarrassing” to have Biden as president.

Summit News reports: During the speech, Biden, whose approval rating just plummeted to 38 per cent, once again tried to blame soaring cost of living and runaway inflation, which was already in full swing last year, on February’s Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Inflation was already at 7.5 per cent before the invasion.

Biden also ludicrously claimed the United States “cut down all our forests,” something that caused global warming.

A befuddled Biden also claimed he was a “full professor” at UPenn despite never teaching a class at the university.

“I’m Professor Biden from Penn,” he later asserted.

In another cringe moment, Biden gave the audience permission to cheer in response to his speech.


  1. I d not be surprised if they aren’t drugging him .Jill would do it .
    Then later ,after they’ve 6sed him up,they can claim he was a victim of mental health neglect.

  2. I’m to the point I can no longer even see a photo of this phucking moron without feeling rage. FJB and phuck is supporters.

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