Cops Bust Up an Amish Late-Night Barn Party for Violating Ohio’s Stay-at-Home Order

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Northeastern Ohio cops busted up a large, Amish late-night barn party on the weekend after a snitch spotted a large group of buggies and called 911 to report a stay-at-home order violation.

Northeastern Ohio cops busted up a large, Amish late-night barn party on the weekend after a snitch spotted a large group of buggies and called 911 to report a stay-at-home order violation.

The sizable shindig violated Geauga County’s coronavirus social-distancing rules, and according to local police the gregarious group had already been ordered to press pause on church gatherings and parties.

But these Amish work hard, they play hard, and they don’t mind doing everything else hard, too. And it seems they had no interest in following the governor’s stay-at-home order.

As relayed by RedState, the bearded, pie-making community’s been so pummeled by the pandemic, Amish Bishops were sent a letter last week by County Health Commissioner Thomas Quade.

He implored them: Press pause on church services for the remainder of the month.

But you can’t tame a wild stallion. Or a Belgian draft horse.

They raise barns and they raise heck, they shingle and they wanna mingle. And no government goon’s gonna suspend their way of life — they’ve got plenty of suspenders already.

Sunday night, amid a statewide stay-at-home order, 911 received a ring from a snitch who was singin’ like a canary.

It was a rousing report: A cluster of carriages had been spotted outside a large barn.

That could only mean one thing — some mustacheless maniacs were partying like it’s 1799.

The fuzz wouldn’t stand for it.

Geauga Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand explained to Cleveland’s WJWTV:

There is some concern out there and we are getting reports of large gatherings happening. If we get calls, or find out about them, we will go there, break them up and get them out of there. We won’t tolerate this and we have to keep everybody safe.”

Just after the pocket watch struck midnight, Geauga County Sherrif’s Office made an arrest and delivered a summons.

Sheriff Scott recalled:

When we got there, there was a barn full of people (and) some of them ran.”

Those Amish folks are no fools; every Tom, Dick, and Hezekiah knows you skeedaddle when the po-po shows.


There was one that was too intoxicated to run, and that person had to be transported by ambulance. “

Two partygoers were charged with underage drinking.

It really buggied Commissioner Thomas. I mean, bugged:

“It is disappointing. … Those folks are all placing themselves at risk.”

Oh, well. Maybe this clampdown is too hard, even for the Amish. After all, it doesn’t take a 9th grade graduate to realize our rights are being taken away.

As for the Buckeye State’s Pilgrimish party people, I hope no one else gets cuffed and booked — they’re not fond of being photographed, and mug shots are mandatory.

Otherwise, to all you Swiss German makers of fine furniture who risk life and limb in outmoded mills…and to all you bonneted bakers who peddle peach pastries from porches, I salute you.

And despite the stay-at-home order, I saith to thee, “Party on.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Well it’s common knowledge that all of those types of cults are a form of scientific control group into human research, just as its known they are a cover for drug trafficking .

    • Common knowledge? I don’t think so, and NO the Amish are not an experiment or a cover for drug trafficking – they have been around since 1693, when there was no drug trafficking or scientific experiments with humans. THey are for the most part good people, who use common sense to create a good community. Why are you attacking them?

  2. These oath breaking cops are revealing what side they are really on. They are part of the Police State.

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