Corbyn Calls For Political Settlement Instead Of French Air Strikes On ISIS

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Jeremy Corbyn doubts that renewed air strikes by French forces targeting ISIS will have much of an impact.

In an interview with ITV, the Labour party leader called for a political settlement to solve the Syrian crisis, although he admitted that it would be “very difficult to achieve”.

He said the targeting of ISIS by French air strikes would “probably not” make a difference and that we need to ask who is funding ISIS and who is providing safe havens for them…”you have to ask questions about the arms everyone has sold in the region.”

The BBC reports:

The so-called Islamic State group said it carried out multiple attacks in Paris in which 129 people died.

Mr Corbyn condemned the “appalling” attack on the “vibrant” city of Paris.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, the Labour leader also questioned what he saw as a lack of coverage in the western press of recent attacks in Lebanon and Turkey.

“Our media needs to be able to report things happening outside Europe as well as inside Europe. A life is a life,” he said.

Asked whether France’s bombing of IS – also known as ISIS – would make a difference, he said “probably not”, adding: “Who is funding ISIS, who is arming Turkey, who is providing safe havens for ISIS…you have to ask questions about the arms everyone has sold in the region.”

He added: “We have to be careful, one war does not necessarily bring about peace, it often can bring yet more conflict, more mayhem, more loss.”

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